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Hello, i'm PhantomGanonUsurper27. As you can tell, i'm a fan of Zant and i also like Phantom Ganon. I love Zelda and i got really happy when i found Zeldapedia(I remember my first vote in the Temple of Courage... it's the number 2 anonymous one in the Jalhalla VS. Stallord fight... and it was for Stallord, of course). Altough i don't have much games of the series, it's still my favourite one.

some stuff about me

My name is Daniel, but my age really does not matter. really. Well, I like playing videogames, especially LoZ(duh). I am also a fan of StarFox and Super Smash Bros. and I also like Metroid.I like MechQuest(it's a really cool web game, check it out on AdventureQuestWorlds (MMORPG,, and no, they're not silly child games) and I like the TV series Reaper(got cancelled) and Fringe. Oh, if any of you also play MQ, contact me for my ID number. I'm a big fan of Linkin Park. Also, I'm a pretty depressive guy.

Find me at:

Here are the wikis I work on, divided in three sub-sections:

Wikis I'm always on

  • Reaper wiki
  • Bioniclepedia
  • Ccbermanzzpedia Wiki

Wikis I sometimes go to

  • Zelda Fanon wiki
  • Linkin Park Wiki

Wikis I'm almost never on

  • Smashpedia
  • Wikitroid
  • Arwingpedia
  • Rickipedia
  • Inheriwiki


I've made a page with poems I make, please check it out. The link is User:PhantomGanonUsurper27/Poems.

Groups I'm on

I have recently joined Operation: Wake the Wind from Watcher.

Also, I joined the Realm of Masks, from Zelda311. I am currently rank 27 (Detective).

Talk Bubbles

PhantomGanonUsurper27 – Out of my way... Or be crushed... Unless you have the Iron Boots... In which case, wanna be my friend?? <glances nervously>
TALK – Fanfic in progress! Coming soon!
This is my normal talk bubble.









The Midna

If you feel like you should be in this list, just ask on my talk page.

Currently Playing

I own every zelda game, except the DS ones and master quest-altough a friend of mine has it (and CDI). I havent beat all of them, though.

LoZ-not beat

AoL-not beat

aLttP/FS-not beat

LA (mines DX)- not beat

OoS-not beat

OoA-not beat

MC-not beat







Fanfic progress

I'm making a fanfic for Zelda Fanon, but I recently haven't got much time to work on it. However, I already have most of the story planned.

  • Finished Prologue
  • Chapter 1 completed!
  • Chapter 2 underway
  • Chapter 3, being... umm, planned.

Update: This is probably going to take a little longer. I'm making some major changes in the plot, but it'll be worth it. It's much better now.

beating up Signs

I love beating up signs, particularly in OoT and in MM. Don't like it much in TP, though.(unless you explode the sign...)

Dou you like beating up signs?

The poll was created at 19:24 on August 22, 2008, and so far 34 people voted.

There are two things i love doing with signs in MM:

The Ghost Sign

Go to Snowhead BEFORE you beat the temple. Go to the sign next to the owl statue. Perform a horizontal cut so that the upper half of the sign falls in the snow next to the sign. Then perform another horizontal cut so that the lower half of the sign falls and you can't see it anymore. Play the Song of Healing. The upper half will be floating, that's why i call it the Ghost Sign. If you wait a little and look below.(play the goron's lullaby so that the blizzard doesn't push you below)The lower sign will come floating up, crossing the ground and suddenly appearing normally. Thus, The Ghost Sign.

The Triangle Sign

This one isn't so cool as the first, but i like it. Go as a Zora to Great Bay Shore. There will be a sign right ahead of you. Throw the Flippers at the sign from a distance. If thrown correctly, the sign will become a triangle.Thus , the Triangle Sign.

A Very Frustrating Plot Indeed

Ah... Twilight Princess... A very cool game indeed... BUT WHAT A FRUSTRATING PLOT!!! Here it goes:

Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

All right. The game starts. After a while, your friends get captured. After teaming up with an imp that is using you, you go through THREE WHOLE DUNGEONS(not to mention the things between them)just to get those Fused Shadows. Then, when you finally succeed, PUF! Zant appears, steals the Fused Shadows, turns you into a wolf and almost kills Midna. After much trouble and one dungeon, you get to the Mirror Chamber to recover what has been stolen and... Guess What??? The passage to the Twilight Realm, the Mirror of Twilight, has been broken in four pieces and, to make matters worse, Ganondorf is behind everything!!! After THREE MORE DUNGEONS the Mirror is reconstructed, Zant's palace is invaded and he is killed... BUT he can be revived at any time! Then you rush to Hyrule Castle, find Zelda, faces Ganondorf FOUR times(as possessed Zelda, as Ganon, on horseback and in a sword duel) kills him and... HE ALMOST REVIVED!!!! Close call... Lucky he didn't make it... Or else i would never play the game again...

Spoiler warning: Spoilers end here.


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I also enjoy beating up signs!

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