Well Metroid Hunter made a tournament of heroes and Xykeb made one on villains so I decided to make one too. Only my one is kind of different as it has all Zelda series characters but none of them are important at all. MOst you dont even need to talk too. Here is my tournament of MINOR CHARACTERS!!!. I have selected some of the best the best minor characters, one from each of the fifteen main series Zelda games and one from Kodai no Sekiban. So I encourage all to vote on their favorite so we can truly find out who is the minorest of minor characters and who rules above all others.

The Tourney Tree


                             |Hoiger Howgendoogen

Hoiger Howgendoogen:--------------------------|

                                                 |Hoiger Howgendoogen

Golden Bee:------------------------------------------|



Mini-game Operator:-------------------------------|

                             |Hungry Goriya

Hungry Goriya:---------------------------------------|







Mayor Plen:--------------------------------------------|


Mabe Village Shopkeeper:-----------------------|


Great Fairy of Flame:------------------------------|

Tingle’s Father:---------------------------------------|

                             |Tingle’s Father

Bridge Worker:----------------------------------------|




Floodgate Keeper:-----------------------------------|


  1. Round one the heat
  2. Round two the quarter finales
  3. Round three the semi finales
  4. Round four the finale

The Contestants

(I might add to some of these later on but for now heres the Link and what game they come from. One from each all except the Mini Game Operater who apppears in two games but is repersenting Ocarina of Time in this tournament)

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