Before anything else I would like to thank Watcher for helping me get this page started and for his warm welcome into Zeldapedia. Now, on to introductions, I am Midna Rocks. I'm not very good at editing or creating articles but if you want my help just post what you would like my help with anywhere on the page and I will do my best to assist you. I am a big fan of zelda games and I hope I can make this database even better!

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Why does everybody think im a girl! look at the userboxes! I have the "This user is male" one in here in 5 DIFFERENT PLACES!!! Sheesh!


I am 14 years old and enjoy playing drums and golf. Ummm... Yeah.

Me & the Zelda Series

I have played Zelda games since I was about 6 and have allways loved them. My favorite Zelda game is the Wind Waker, my favorite weapon is the Biggoron sword (or any other two-hander in the series), my favorite tool is the magic armour (Wind Waker), and I think people who hate wind wakers graphics and haven't played it because of that need to at least give it a chance.

Zelda games I own

  • A Link to the Past/Four Swords (Game Boy Advance)
  • The Wind Waker (Game cube)
  • Ocarina of Time/Master Quest (Game cube)
  • Twilight Princess (Wii)
  • Zelda II (Virtual Console)
  • 5 min. of The Legend of Zelda in Super Smash Bros. Brawl
  • Majora's Mask (virtual console)
  • Phantom Hourglass (DS)

Bi-weekly fun fact

I will post a new fun fact every two weeks.

Week 1/2

Did you know? Molbins in The Wind Waker will run away from a bomb you throw at them?

Week 3/4

Darknuts in the wind waker will weild the first weapon they see if unarmed, even if it isn't a darknut sword. (ex. Moblin spear)

Week 5/6

No matter what weapon a Darknut weilds in the Wind Waker (besides a Darknut sword), It alwys does the same damage. So a boko stick does the same damage as a moblin spear.

Week 7/8

In a Link to the Past you can get a tempered sword from the fairy in the pyramid and then give it to the sword smiths to make the golden sword although it is pointless to do so.

Week 9/10

If you throw All-Purpose-Bait at a Miniblin they ignore you and swarm on the food.

Week 11/12

If you slash Orca in the wind waker after 9 hits he will throw you across the room telling you to stop.

Week 13/14

Throwing bait in front of a rat hole in the Wind Waker causes the rat to sell you (very over priced) items.

My Talk Bubble

Finaly got arount to making one.

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I decided to change my talk bubble, at least for a while.
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Midna Rocks – I am the Waker of Winds at Hyrule Legends.
My Hyrule Legends talk bubble.

Just for fun

I'm bored so just because I can I will hyperlink every Word/phrase of my userpage slowly (Besides any templates). Horray!

On second thought...

I remember that I have nowhere near enough time to do that, oh well.

Friends on this wiki

I really don't know if I'm friends with all these people but I seem to be on good terms with them.


2.Lisa URAQT


Top 3 users

In no particular order.




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Hey, first one to sign! You're welcome for the page. Be sure to check out mine and The Best Way To! See you around the site.

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Cool page. I like your fun facts, they're hilarious. Moblins are cowards, it's funny, I've seen them run away from bombs like little sissys. And your name is right, Midna does rock. Oh yeah, and thanks for your quote. Peace!

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Hi! Your page is really cool. Midna does rock, and I now know that Moblins are scaredy cats!
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I'm also a boy that thinks Midna is a great character. Nice page!
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Midna is my favorite of all the female Zelda characters, she does rock. Also, very nice page.
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rare to see me use my user bubble. cool page as well. check mine if you want :)

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Twilight Princess fun fact: did you know it's possible to win every Sumo Match by just smacking your opponent across the face until they fall off the stage? It's not easy but is really satisfying! And it makes the battles that much more epic.
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Nice page! You seem like a guy i would like.
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midna is the best character of all time.
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ZOMG. That is a weird signature. It's awesome though!

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