Ok, new thing I'm putting in here. Not sure how it is going to roll over but I'll give it a shot. Anyways, the rules. I've picked 16 game characters that are known and loved by either the general public or me myself. But which is the most known and loved? That is what we will find out. Two will go at each other per fight and you will vote on the winner. DO NOT VOTE FOR THE MORE POPULAR ONE. THIS IS A FIGHT. NO POPULARITY INVOLVED. Keep in mind that there is no set time period for fight advancement rather I will advance when there are 3 votes for one character. Vote on who you think would win in an out and out fight. If that character usually travels with a team, they may NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES use that team. At times just winning one round won't do them enough. If it is close then the winner might lose some weapon or be injured. Ex. Totakeke's guitar is broken after he won his first fight. If a fight has one vote for the loser I might let it go until one of them gets another vote just to see what happens. I reserve the right of override of the public verdict (My page. My rules) but I won't use it to often, and it only gets to apply to round one. I'll also have multiple fights running at a time for the sake of efficiency. Also there is a way for defeated characters to return. I will not however tell it to you, you'ld try to set it up to bring back the defeted guys you liked. So the roster...

Bubbles--------|                      |
                                      |                     |
Mario-----------|                     |                     |
                Solid Snake-----------|                     |
Solid Snake-----|                                           |
                                                            |                      |
Fox McCloud-----|                                           |                      |
                Fox------------------|                      |                      |
Spyro-----------|                                           |                      |
                                     |                      |                      |
                                     Ross-------------------|                      |
                                     |                                             |
Ross------------|                    |                                             |
                Ross-----------------|                                             |
Master Chief----|                                                                  |
Samus-----------|                                                                  |
                Samus---------------|                                              |
Altair---------|                    |                                              |
                                    |                                              |
                                    Samus-------------------|                      |
                                    |                       |                      |
Captain Olimar--|                   |                       |                      |
                Olimar--------------|                       |                      |
Pacman----------|                                           |                      |
                                                            |                      |
Derek Stiles----|                                           |
                Derek --------------|                       |
Sonic----------|                    |                       |
                                    |                       |
Pit-------------|                   |

Sly Cooper-------|                  |
                                    |                      |
Doom Marine------|                  |                      |
                  Gordon------------|                      |
Gordon Freeman---|                                         |
                                                           |                      |
Cloud-                                                     |                      |
                  Amaterasu----------|                     |                      |
Amaterasu--------|                   |                     |                      |
                                     |                     |                      |
                                     Amaterasu-------------|                      |
                                     |                                            |
Sora-------------|                   |                                            |
                  Etna---------------|                                            |
Etna-------------|                                                                |
Marcus Fenix-----|                                                                |
                 Pikachu-------------|                                            |
Pikachu----------|                   |                                            |
                                     |                                            |
                                     Pikachu--------------|                       |
                                     |                    |                       |
Kasumi------------|                  |                    |                       |
                  Master Chief II----|                    |                       |
Ada Wong----------|                                       |                       |
                                                          |                       |
                                                          Metal Pikachu-----------|
Chun-Li-----------|                                       |
                  Chun-Li-------------|                   |
Lara Croft--------|                   |                   |
                                      |                   |
Companion Cube----|                   | 
Iorek Byrnison----|

Only one fight remains. The rules have changed. Everyone else has died. There can be only one winner. But who?

The Final Battlefield Closed

Ok people, this is the moment you've all been waiting for. It's time to crown a king (or queen) of videogames. In the east corner we have a intergalactic bouty hunter. She has been infused with the blood of an alien race, and her wall has more heads then the king has gold, give it up for SSAAAMMMMUUUS AAARRRAAANNN! And in the other corner we have a fighter so miniscule you probally can't see him from your nosebleed seats. So please come down, the occupants of those seats are dead. He's small but mighty, commands an army of carrots, and will kill to get home it's CCCAAAPPPPTTTAIINN OOOLLLIIIIIMMMMAAARRRR! Why are they fighting? Who cares? Olimar probally wants a rematch. So now I ask you. Who. Will. Win?

Votes for Samus Aran

  1. I'm getting annoyed by the fact Olimar is here and Link isn't. But if we swapped them out, then it should be the same result because Samus already beat them both. I'll pick the odd ball and say that D.K. wins.-- C2 / CC 00:02, October 2, 2009 (UTC)
  2. It breaks my heart to vote against Olimar again, but Samus is too good to lose at anything. Olimar getting second is good enough for me. Xykeb Yvolix Zraliv 00:23, October 2, 2009 (UTC)
  3. Samus just can't lose, she's the elite of the elite. Jedimasterlink (talk) 00:42, October 2, 2009 (UTC)
  4. What can I say, I'm also a Metroid addict.(I even did a school project involving them. NOT KIDDING.)--RH 04:17, October 18, 2009 (UTC)

Votes for Captain Olimar


Samus simply steps on Olimar again, this time crushing him completly.

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