Deku Scrub Artwork (Ocarina of Time)


sup peoples

Sup! Im Nick and im a huge zelda fan and I like 2 listen 2 all types of metal. soo ya.

My Games

1. Collector's Edition

  - The Legend of Zelda
  - Zelda 2 the Adventure of Link
  - Ocarina of Time
  - Majoras Mask
  - 20 min. playable demo of Wind Waker

2. Twilight Princess(for Game Cube)


About Me

Hi im Nick. Im 13 and I like about anything with swords, magic, and stuff like that. I like 2 listin to alot of Disturbed, Slipknot, and Megadeth.My favorite race in the games are the Deku. I spend most of my time on youtube, so ya, by!

Deku King

About The Charater I Made Up

I made up a charater who is a deku marksman in a hidden village in the faron woods(I made that up 2) that has the remaing deku and kokiri duing Twilight Princess and A Link To the Past. He has magic so he can fly on pedals and shoot bubbles. He is the best marksman in the village.

talk bubble

Deku Scrub Artwork (Ocarina of Time)
Marksmandude153 – im gona snipe you with a deku nut!
TALK – Head shot!
this is the awsome talk bubble toon link made for me

Stuff I Belive In

(1) The Heros Shade is the hero of time (2) That King Gustouf and the war he is in is the Hyrulean Civil War (3) The Kokiri and Deku are just hiding in the Kokiri Forest(later named Faron Woods) duiring TP and a Link to a Past (4) A Link to The Past is in the adult timeline because Ganondorf is in the Sacred Realm (5) The split timeline theroy (6) The Twili are from the Stone Tower and used the Majoras Mask (7) The Magic Sword is the Master Sword (8) The Forest Temple in TP is the deku tree (9) The Sacred Grove(Except the part with the Temple of Time)in TP is the Lost Woods. (10) The Arbiter Grounds is the Guredo Fortress

Master Sword in the Lost Woods

My Top Games

  1. Majoras Mask
  2. Twilight Princess
  3. Ocarina of Time
  4. Wind Waker
  5. A Link to the Past

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u can find me on


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I thought since a bunch of other people have one i should 2

Dragonmaster kayla – I am the world's greatest dragon master!
TALK – Hey why don't you guys come to my dragon lair?
Yeah! First too sign! :P
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