This is my Top Ten people/animated things.Enjoy!

1: Yes Mariah Carey is in my Top Ten.She has almost beat the record of most singles plus she is a good singer.She is married to Nick Cannon and has no children.She has fourtenn albums.FOURTEEN PEOPLE!She has almost beaten the record of the Beetles.

Link (Super Smash Bros. Brawl).png

2: Link.Link got here because he is cool and he is one of the best video game characters.He rules in Brawl and is very good at fighting and his girlfriend is Princess Zelda.I think Links cool.He defenatly eanrs his spot on my list.

3: TLC.No not Tender Love and Care.Just TLC.T Boz,Left Eye,and Chilli.They're here because they were the best female singers in the world.They had a LOT of good singles like No Scrubs or Waterfalls.They only had four albums,since one has sycle-cell animia and one died.They earned there spot on my list.

4: Chun-Li.She is here because of her nice ways of rapidly kicking you and hard hits.If she went against Princess Zelda,then Zelda would lose.Chun-Li is a officer and has a gun.She almost uses it in Street Fighter 3:Alpha Max.She earns her spot here.

Zant Unmasked.png

5: Zant.Zants here because hes cool and beasty looking.Some people like to make fun of him like X does.I do to with my friends.Zants cool all in all though so he earned his spot on my top ten.

Vaati Hylian Form (The Minish Cap).png

6: Vaati.Vaatis here because hes evil,cool,and goth like.Hes here because he is a good villian that does not look stupid and because he is a sage of wind.Vaati is cool so hes here on my top ten.

7: Aaliyah.Yes she has earned her spot here because she has great music(I listen to I Care 4 you all the time) and she had a sad and tragic death.Yeah She died when she was 21-22 in a plane crash in 2001.She has defenately earned her spot here.

8: Selena.She has so earned her spot here.She sang both Spanish and English songs.She can speak both languages perfactly.Ok so she earned her spot here because I grew up listening to her music and I like a couple of her songs.She died in 1995 around 22-25 because she got shot.She has defenatly earned her spot here as well.

9: The Final Fantasy,Kingdom Hearts,and Zelda Wikia Members.You guys have helped me do everything that I can do now so I thank all of you guys/girls.THANKYOU!!!!

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