Another Zelda game of my own, because I'm never satisfied. This one will be a sequel to Twilight Princess and will include some new gaming mechanisms. Expect frequent updates.

I would like to point out that this game does not correspond to the timeline set up by my other game. After all, neither one will ever be made, and if they did, I would amend the plots somewhat.


This game revolves around controlling other characters besides Link. This is something the Zelda series has done mutliple times, but they have never made it a main plot point (actually, Spirit Tracks has just changed that). Besides our good old friend Link, this game includes eight characters whose actions can be commanded. In addition, six characters can actually become playable while in dungeons and certain caves.

Magic is back. Many of Link's items consume Magic Power, and several allies also have the need for it. Somewhat like in Majora's Mask, time flows whether Link is in a field, city or dungeon. Yes, we will actually get to see people going into their houses and going to sleep for the night.

The game has four separate overworlds. As he discovers them, Link can travel between them at will with the power of a magical ocarina. He can also choose what part of the world to which he wishes to travel. One overworld is identical to that of Twilight Princess, with a few minor changes. Gerudo Desert is unreachable, as is Snowpeak Mountain. The other world is the same as the Termina of Majora's Mask, except that Snowhead has been blocked off by an avalanche. The last two worlds have not been encountered yet, so they shall stay a secret.

Part 1

Part 2



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