you are attacked by a Goblin horde consisting of 23 moblins, 68 bokoblins, 111 miniblins in tanks, 74 bulbins, half of which are riding bullbos, 10 big blins, the Great Moblin,and King Bulblin riding Lord Bullbo. Sign and take the userbox. If you do not sign you will be hunted by THE GOBLIN HORDE

  1. because I am Majora's Wrath ArtworkReincarnation I destroyed them with my flaming tentecals
  2. Isdrakthül killed them all and is now feasting on the remains.
  3. Black Dragon Laguz transformed into a dragon, scared the bulbos, and burned the swarm to ashes with his black breath.
  4. hylian potato arrived late and they were already dying of old age. It still counts, because I used mah anime turkey attack to finish them.
  5. Minish Link pulled out his Rorschach-style admin grappling hook and killed every single one.

King Bulblin
This user single handedly defeted the globin horde
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