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Hi I'm Jack and I'm a D̶e̶i̶t̶y, Human who plays Zelda, my first video game ever was Wind Waker and I love it. I also played Twilight Princess and Spirit Tracks when I was younger and got hooked to the series. My old account was User:Gopherdude12.

About Me

I run a webcomic called Jack that you can find here: (http://jackimations.deviantart.com/) among other things. It stars character based on me and my friends and yeah. Shameless self promotion for the win!

My headcanons and theories that may be true but SHOULD NOT be taken as fact (I also didn't make all these up)

  • The Minish Legend was the first known time Demise's curse affected hyrule (hence the purple smoke and incarnations of Link and Zelda) and Demise's spirit/mailce was sealed in the bound chest.
    • When Vaati opened the chest Demise's Malice latched it's self onto Vaati and didn't leave until the end of Four Swords after three defeats in the body.
  • Zelda gets her lightforce powers in The Minish Cap from Hylia.
  • The Downfall timeline was the created when Link went back to the pass to the Spirit Temple in Ocarina of Time, which is the only point in the gamme where time traveling to the pass is mandatory. The Future he returns to becomes the Adult Timeline while the other futrue became the Downfall timeline because of a lack of a hero and sage of spirit.
  • Downfall timeline Impa is still a Shiekah.
  • Gorman is Ingo's lastname.
  • Eldin Volcano is Snowpeak before it cooled down. (And the Mogmas became the Yeti)
  • The Moon is not malicious and is a victom to Majora like everyone eles in Majora's Mask.
  • There was a mass decrease in wolf population before Twilight Princess due to the humans fearing them hence all the Stalhounds and everyone's hatred twords Wolf Link.
  • Shiek is Zelda wearing a Sheikah Mask.
  • Phantom Ganon did Ganondorf's dirty work in Ocarina of Time while Ganondorf spent all the time in Hyrule Castle to avoid suspition.
  • Most the huminoid eneimes in The Adventure of Link (Stalfos, Parutamu, Iron Knuckles, Margos, and Wizards) are undead Gerudo.

Enemies That Scarred me (In order of which I met them)

Note * = I'm still scarred of them

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Sandbox Spelling errors

If you see a spelling error/wiki make-up error in my sandbox feel free to fix it, just let me know in the edit summary. If you want to change anything else you will need to get my premision first.