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  • I live in Texas
  • I was born on March 12

About me

Yello, I'm The Exterminator (you probably knew that) and I know I haven't been here very much. I'm mainly a member of Wikitroid but I might switch back and forth between here and there. I'll edit more after I get bored of Metroid and love Zelda again. I'll see ya 'round!

BEWARE! I have been known to goof on stuff very often, so please excuse my stupidity.

My Character

Dark Link (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)

The Exterminator is basically a dark version of Link (prefer dark Sheik, but I need a picture) that comes from the Twilight Realm. After Midna regained rule, she hired body guards and assasins in order to prevent another situation like Zant's. The Exterminator was her first and most powerful addition to the new group, called the Shadow Knights. He does as his queen commands, never questioning nor refusing her orders. He has a unique ability, he can summon a personal Twilight Portal, allowing him to move around quickly. This also allows him to switch between dimensions, which greatly increases his effiency. Like all Shadow Knights, he can hide in the light world by transforming into a shadow, providing excellent stealth. His only weakness is bright, pure light concentrated into a single weapon.

My Own Zelda Game: The Ten Rings

Starting a new idea for a game. Takes place 20 years before The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, centering on the Hyrulean Civil War. This also answers many questions over Ocarina of Time, including Link's ancestry.

Awesome Videos!

  1. Ocarina of time music video: [1] 2 thumbs up
  2. Majora's mask music video: [2] 2 thumbs up
  3. Dark sage video (credit to TheNewSheik for introducing it): [3] awesome
  4. Wii: [4] super funny
  5. Funny zelda (again to NewSheik): [5] funny

Bubbles and Sigs

Dark Link (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)
The Exterminator – "Surrender or die. Yes, a question for all the people of the land. Life or death?"~Zant
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Here's my word bubble.

Here's my sig. The Exterminator

My ?s About Zeldapedia

I prefer someone with experience and/or knowledge of Zeldapedia to answer these.

  1. I enjoy welcoming new users, but I don't know how on this wiki. Can someone lend me the code, or tell me if I need to do something with my account first?
  2. How do you guys, and girls, find all of those grammar mistakes in the articles so fast? Some of you are editing faster than hawks attacking wolves!

Me and Zelda

The Series

The Legend of Zelda

Rate: 6/10

Comments: Eh, it was okay. I died like 50 times before Level 4. Wasn't that great anyway.

The Adventure of Link

Do not have it. Most likely, and hopefully, I won't. Heard some bad reviews about this one.

A Link to the Past

Rate: 8/10

Comments: Better than the original. haven't finished it though.

Link's Awakening

Do not have it.

Ocarina of Time

Rate: 6/10

Comments: Give me a break, the greatest zelda game? Adult Link looks really weird, hated ALL of the adult dungeons, and had ridiculous side quests.

Majora's Mask

Rate: 9/10

Comments: Now this was a good game. I absolutely love how everything resets, restocking all chests, dungeons reset, and you can have 6,000 rupees (5,499 in bank; 500 in wallet). The items and sidequests were better than Ocarina's. I just wish it had more dungeons.

Oracle of Ages

Do not have it.

Oracle of Seasons

Do not have it.

Four Swords

Do not have it.

The Wind Waker

Rate: 10/10

Comments: 3 cheers for my first zelda game! I loved this one more than any other, next to Phantom Hourglass. I enjoyed the cartoon style and lots of roaming room. I prefer ships better than horses, too.

Four Swords Adventures

Do not have it.

The Minish Cap

Do not have it.

Twilight Princess

Rate: 9.5/10

Comments: Great game. I wish the magic armor used money only when you got attacked, or at least used half as much as it does.

Phantom Hourglass

Rate: 10/10

Comments: Next to Wind Waker, the greatest zelda game. I've heard several boo's on this one:

  • I've been through the Temple of The Ocean King 50 times this week. It's boring. Buddy, I've been there 50 times in a day, stopping only for food and the occasional bathroom break, and I still didn't get bored. If you really want ship parts, treasure, and money, you'll do anything to get it.
  • I hate having to wait a whole day for Beedle to restock, but he doesn't have what I want. Dude, go to your ds setup and move forward a day. You can go through 3 months in 2 hours.
  • The ship parts are too expensive. Two things: First, you can get over 1,000 rupees worth of treasure, ship parts, and money in the TotOK. Second, you have a wallet that holds 10,000 rupees. Need I say more?

Spirit Tracks

Eagerly waiting.

Zelda Wii

Eagerly waiting.

Stuff To Do

  1. Participate in MaloMart's Speed Challenges
  2. Guess Zelda311's Riddles correctly.


Don't worry, more to come!

If you could be another character on a game besides Link, who would you be.

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As soon as I figure out how to do these, I'll put them down. I'll look at the Help Pages, but if someone has a better link on how to do these, I'll be happy if you show me.


Sign if you want. If you don't, I'll...burst into tears.(Just kidding!) If you do, I recognize you as a friend instead of an anonymous user, if that makes sense. Bubbles or sigs, flip a coin and go. The Exterminator 00:46, November 14, 2009 (UTC)

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Pedestal of Time (Ocarina of Time)
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