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Kifan of the Hyrule WindSong is at your service, friend...
Current activity... SCREAMING!!!! because my idiot friend has left me in charge of our new wiki and i don't know what to do... HELP!

About me

I adore the Legend of Zelda series. I've had access to The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for most of my life due to the fact my dad loved the games. Then a few years ago... we got a Wii. Enter a whole world of Zelda-related oppertunities. On my 11th birthday, I recieved The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (yes I know this made me too young to play legally but I'm a bright kid and I'm not offended by a lot), Since my body has a long tradition of making sure I'm nice and ill for my birthday, I spent the next 36 hours learning the nature of the game in my pyjamas. I now consider myself an expert at this game i.e. I know the story backwards, I know where most extras and collectables are, I know a lot of the dialogue etc. (Having Played it over about 6 times since, I really am a living walkthrough and can now do practically all the extras AND beat the game in less than 26 hours, and still enjoy it) This triggered a whole bunch of nagging my mum to buy the WiiWare Zelda titles (just waiting for the missing ones to come up), although this means ive only completed 2 games (I have a DS so, enter The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass(still playing through Ocarina and Majora's)) I am a self confessed otaku... and not just about this... and many people i know have said I get too attached to things, games, series etc. And I do. A few people I have known have, in some way or another, managed to put me in the same boat as Link, either by saying "ooo you FANCY him!" or by saying I'm his female equivilent. The first of these is... er... not under discussion... (He's definately the best hero I know of who isn't a full-time wolf or dog) and the second is sadly far flung. I can see where these people are coming from, since I'm quiet, my extreme facial expressions and gestures really do speak for themselves, I'm not to shabby with a sword (I go to plenty of medieval fairs), I'm apparently quite Couragous (I stick up for a lot of people) and the list goes on... oh, and people tend to hate me for no apparent reason... thats quite a bit like Link. I suppose only appearances wreck it. I'm a girl for starters (but even though I'm 14 im still mistaken for a boy), I'm a suicide Red-head, I've got green eyes... usually (they change colour under extreme emotion) etc. but a few people I've met over my years have commented on these things, "being boy-ish is just your thing", "you should've bleached your hair, blonde would suit you" and "Oh...My...God... your eyes changed colour!... the blue/turquoise looks good".

Personal Message to Those in Charge of WiiWare/DSiWare

Get your butts in gear to help the less fortunate LoZ fans and PORT THE REST OF THE GAMES YOU SLACKERSSSSS!!!!!!

My favorite game

Without a doubt, it's got to be The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. The story is fabulous, the graphics and AI are amazing, the gameplay is phenominal and its the first Zelda game I have beaten. It would have been Phantom Hourglass but my DS was having a panic attack at the Bellum battle. In short, I fell head-over-heels for this game... <3... it definately rivals Ocarina... and it has my Wolven kindred in it... :D

Why Spirit Tracks is A God send from Farore herself

  1. I love trains (i've rode on a steamer a few times but i was real tiny)
  2. I think the cel shading is a great style
  3. I think the whole Zelda is actively involved for once thing is great coz although the game is in her name, she actually seems to do sod all, but thats just harsh... right?
  4. Zelda is a comic relief which is hilarious, especially when she gets hysterical... that had me in stitches...
  5. I think its a perfect balance between complication and simplicity, advancing technology and old LoZ ways, Good puzzles and action etc...
  6. They brought back an instrument which can be used by Hylian Link... coz I rule at the instruments... see userboxes
The one thing that's missing now is my wolves, thats one of the reasons I love TP... coz the wolf is the goodie for a change...
"The children of the night, what music they make..." - Dracula by Bram Stoker

What I Think Would Make the Best LoZ Game EVAR

Yah, ideals, get over it...

  1. It would have Epona
  2. It would be in a realistic style
  3. Link would be sexee and fun... but mostly sexee
  4. Zelda would be mature and pretty
  5. ZeLink would be VERY obvious
  6. There would still be trains... sorta...
  7. Zelda would take an active part in the game like in ST
  8. The story would be MOAR epic than TP
  9. You could play an instrument (a nice one like the panpipes from ST)
  10. Would bring the Twili race back somehow (because they're epic)
  11. YOU COULD STILL BE A WOLF ... I loves my Wolves...
Thats all I can think of for now... there will be more...

More favorites

Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Male Character Link Malo Prince Ralis Tingle
Female Character Princess Zelda Midna Navi Honey (Honey & Darling)
Villain Ganondorf Bellum Skull Kid Zant
Instrument Spirit Pipes Ocarina of Time Howl of the Wolf Horse Call
Weapon Clawshot Spinner Hero's Bow Magic Bean
Games Twilight Princess OoT Majora's Mask Is there a bad LoZ game???
Races Deku Scrub Hylian Twili Oocca
Bosses (Other than main bosses) Dark Link (OoT Miniboss) Death Sword Deku Toad Dead Hand
Main Boss Battles Ganondorf (TP) Argorok Morpheel Blizzeta

My favorite pages

I think if I listed all my Favourite Pages... I may end up with links around the Entire wiki.

Sign here

If you just happen to visit please sign on the dotted line and sell me your soul... wait... sorry... if your just passing by just comment on the page, moan at me for spamming up the mainpages or tell a LoZ joke... preferably the last option... its funnier...

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Why did Epona cross the road
Because it was the Cucco's day off!
And everyone who saw that joke DIED because it was so very bad...
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You guys are funny
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Okay, Luna wanted to hear my Kaepora Gaebora joke, so I'm really sorry everyone, here goes...
Knock knock?
Who's there?
Who who?

<narcissist>Yes, I made that one up myself, hold your applause, hold your... okay, fine, but really, there's no need to stand up while you're clapping, please...</narcissist>

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Anyway, nice page and nice Fairies!

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Oh wow. You're a amazing artist. I'd love to be able to draw like that. Kifan kinda reminds me of the main character of my latest story, Niamh, who's the great great Granddaughter of OoT Link. 'cept she has reeaaally blonde hair and a cap

Ganondorf (Twilight Princess)
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I would give you me soul but im afraid i dont own one anymore...(by the way i really liked your page!!! really original)
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Hey Luna! Im a tomboy too,SIGNED!Oh I have a joke I always wanted to say: Why can't Link be Zelda's right-hand Man? Because Link is Left handed!LOL XD

Concerning my Mind

Well strictly speaking, I haven't got a brain... I have a collection of Fairies from across Hyrule. They all got trapped in there somehow and so they rule my mind instead, they also explain my capacity to have conversations with myself... let me introduce you..

Personality This is the biggest fairy which lives with me. She rules most of my thoughts and insists on being heard. She is bold, bright, and very creative. I habe to say shes one of my most treasured fairies... without her I would be a nobody... :D thanks Nayria!

:"No problem, Kifan!"

Personality He is one of only a few male fairies with me. He is loud, and is constantly interrupting, he usually has me charging around like a wolf on a mountain run. Like my primeval beast kinda thing but he's more civil.

"Well at least you have the decency to say 'civil' ... thanks a bunch..."

Personality She is quite small but very bossy. I keep her in a bottle so she doesn’t take over but she’s a master escapist. She’s silly and giggly. I really don't find it helpful when she shows herself but occasionally she does announce her presence with a Fan-girl giggle...

"lol... that's right, lol!"
+Kifan shoves Rosya back in her bottle+ Shut it!

Personality This was a small fairy but she’s been growing rapidly lately. When she comes out of hiding, she Rules the Roost. She’s loud, stroppy, gutsy and spunky. Believe me, mess with me, you let her out, you have been warned...

You bet I do Kifan!"
Pipe down!

Personality This Fairy is surprisingly a boy, despite being the emotional one. He is quite child like in thought and he’s quiet and secretive but he likes to have his say too. Lets just say he's like me 6 years ago.

"I'm a... what's that word, Kifan?"
Residual image, Joroma...
"Thanks, Kifan"

Personality She is usually dozing at the back of my mind but she’s very dominant when she’s awake. She is in charge of everything, she’s bossy, intelligent and proud. It's like our class project thing - Making a magazine - my group was ALL boys... skiver boys so I, under her piloting, finished the thing and pulled it off to get us top mark in the class... :D go Savira...

"Thank you, Kifan

Personality He is immature and pesky and loves technology and gaming. His twin sister is the Spirit of Randomness. He is annoying, silly and robust, but I love him anyway!

"Aww, I love you too, Ki-ki!"
(by the way Ki-ki is a pet name for Kifan...)

Personality She is immature and pesky and loves her childish imagination. Her twin brother is the Spirit of Gaming. She is annoying, silly and robust, but I love her anyway!

"YAY, I love you too, Ki-ki!"

Personality She is a natural and pure creature who is the Top Dog when she is about. She is totally wild and usually has mechasing my tail when she wants to be the boss. She is Primal and somehow manages to keep hold of my humanity, even if I'm sat on a rooftop howling.

It's tough, you hardly had any to keep a hold of in the first place...
hehe... too true...

Personality She is mean and bossy. She has zero tolerance of everything that isn’t up to her standards. She hates everything and everyone for ANYTHING...

Hmm, see what I mean...

Personality She snuck in my head after a certain incident with a large wave at the beach. She has enhanced my love of free flowing water. She is calm and gentle but is pretty scary when she gets angry. Just like the waves and the streams, she is like a principal of Karate, Serenety and Strength.

"Of course, you're words are gracious, Kifan. Maybe too gracious... flattery will not stop you drowning..."
I know, I know... but I was being honest...

Personality She found her way into my head when she got a little lost in the bonfire and crashed into my face. She just helped along with my love of fire (don’t worry, I won’t burn your house down). She is bright and lively but she reeks absolute havoc when she is mad. The temptress - beautiful but deadly.

"You speak well, Kifan but my 'deadly' personality is still to much for you, is it not?"
Shame she isn't lying...

Personality This fairy got caught up in my head after a large gust when I was on a mountain in Wales. She only made my love of sticking my head out of the car window like a dog stronger. She is a bit absent minded and often very forgetful but is quite forgiving. Graceful as a feather in the breeze with the power to destroy.

"Er... yes...yes Kifan, I AM... I?"
Stop doubting yourself, you're meant to be a spirit...

Personality She’s kind of strange. She’s been stuck in my head since I had a dream about being stuck in the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess game and had to follow Link around for the whole game. Then an owl comes along, possibly Kaepora Gaebora, and tells me to use the new name, Kifan. I ended up looking like Link's twin sister... it was creepy... so now she’s in charge of my general personality.

"Give it a rest, I AM you, you moron!"
Good point...

Oh my! Did I say they were ALL fairies...? Well this here is the exception. He is a raw beast, basic human instinct merged with a wolf. Basic actions, high defences, severe attitude... well at least he can talk...He's there when I'm so mad I could Kill...

+growl+ "You bet I can make you kill... but only if you are up to it..."
Oh for goodness sake, Wolfos! I will NEVER be up for it... I just need to vent every now and then...
"That's what you think, Kifan" +howl+
Damn, he's quick...

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