Check it out, y'all! At Griff's suggestion, I'm making an online journal. This is going to be a place for me to vent my random ramblings of trivial, yet entertaining, stuff, y'know, 'cause I'm not supposed to give out any, like, personal information on the Internet.

May 8

My name is Lisa URAQT. If you don't know how to pronounce that, pretend you're in a spelling bee and they ask you to spell URAQT. Letters can be words sometimes. My friends names are (well, not really, but) Twitch (cause she twitches lots), Master Baghead (don't ask), and Sonya (because I shouldn't put her real name here, so I just made that up). People say I have an amazing grasp of the obvious. I'm on here every day, except for the times when I'm not. I have some nicknames. Lemme list them. Lisa, Lissi, Lis, Li, McDonalds hater (join me in the Great McPuke Boycott!), Lettuce, and "silly little truffle" (idk, just go ask Griff). When I play Zelda games, I always enter my name in as Hangman. Wanna know why? I was thinking of a name for my band in Guitar Hero when my mom walked in with some hangers. My brother told me to name my band Hanger. I named it Hangmen instead. So the Wind Waker menu screen asked me for my name and I was all, "well, that's easy. L-I-S-A." As Aryll was talking to me (and saying my name), my brother walked in and said, "Lisa, that kid is a BOY." so I deleted the file, and created a new one under the name Hangman, after my Guitar Hero band. Whenever I do a second playthrough, I put my name in as Li, since it's one of my nicknames and it is a boy's name (although I think it could go either way), as proved by Li Bo, a famous MALE Chinese poet.

I'm having a bad day today. First a gnat flew into my eye and one of my friends had to get it out. Then at lunch, I was drinking milk and Twitch made me laugh and then I barfed and milk came out of my nose. And like the whole school saw it too and it made a huge scene. And then I got home and my dad turned up the water heater and I burned myself in the shower. There's still a red mark on my ankle. Grrr.

May 9

I went SHOPPING today!! cuz I have five pairs of jeans, and they all hurt to put on... so, yeah. My flip-flop broke in the middle of the junior's section. We had to throw it away. People started staring at my one-flip-flop-ted-ness. Skinny jeans hurt. I swear my toes started to turn purple from lack of blood flow when I put those on... Advice to, well... people

Girls: Don't wear skinny jeans unless you're REALLY skinny.
Boys: Don't wear skinny jeans unless you're gay.

Do you think I'm a girly girl 'cause I'm all raving about my latest shopping trip? Well, I'm not. Here's why:

  1. I play ZELDA. How many girly girls do you know who play Zelda?
  2. I hate Twilight. All my girly girl friends are obsessed with Twilight, and seriously, I can't walk ten steps without hearing, "OMG, like, omigod, Edward is like, so hot!" "No, Jacob's hotter. With short hair." (at least I think that's what girl 2 said) "No, Edward's hotter." "No, Jacob's hotter!" "Edward!" "Jacob!" "Vampires!" "Werewolves!" and then there's that arrogant dude who starts chanting, "Cat fight! Cat fight! Cat fight!" and then the girls keep screaming and start trying to tear each other's hair out... Seriously. I HATE that book. Me and three of my friends started the anti-twilight club, and our motto is: "Edward is a retard". Yeah. And everything here applies to the book Twilight, not Twilight Princess or the twilight in the game Twilight Princess.
  3. A lot of ppl at my school are huge fans of Lady Gaga. I never really liked her music much. Just Dance was marginally okay, but they played it too much on the radio and it got old FAST. Pokerface annoys me. seriously, the last five minutes of the song is just her singing puh puh puh pokerface puh puh pokerface over and over AND OVER! And then, there's Love Game. I don't get it. In the exact words of the DJ after Love Game played, "And there's Lady Gaga, wanting to take a ride on a disco stick. What's a disco stick anyway? I'm... not gonna try to figure that one out."

May 10

I did absolutely nothing today. Instead, I'll entertain you with the story of how I found out I was allergic to pickles and landed myself in the hospital. Ya know what? I think I'd better not. Wow, two lines. I gotta make this longer.

Am I a girly girl?

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May 4

Yes, I am aware that this is out of order. This page wasn't even created by May 4th. But I just heard today that May 4th is like, Star Wars day. Bc they said "May the force be with you" and some people heard it as "May the fourth be with you" so yeah. Star Wars fans rejoice!

Star Wars fan?

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May 11

My life isn't as cool as you thought it was... We had a sub today in English and he just told jokes that didn't make sense... they gotta stop hiring old men who are going mental to sub for kids. Seriously.

May 12

I am psychic. You are in the Domain Eukarya, the Kindom Animalia, the Phylum Chordata, and you are a Homo Sapien Sapien. Unfortunately, along with my psychic powers, I've gone a bit crazNOBODY ASKED YOU JUSTIN! Crazy? Crazy? I was crazy once. They put me in a rubber room with rubber rats. Those rubber rats drove me crazy! Crazy? Crazy? I was crazy once. They put me in a rubber room with rubber rats. Those rubber rats drove me crazy! Crazy? Crazy? I was crazy once. They put me in a rubber room with rubber rats. Those rubber rats drove me crazy! Crazy? Crazy? I was crazy once. They put me in a rubber room with rubber rats. Those rubber rats drove me crazy! Crazy? Crazy? I was crazy once. They put me in a rubber room with rubber rats. Those rubber rats drove me crazy! Crazy? Crazy? I was crazy once. They put me in a rubber room with rubber rats. Those rubber rats drove me crazy! Crazy? Crazy? I was crazy once. They put me in a rubber room with rubber rats. Those rubber rats drove me crazy! Crazy? Cra*passes out*

May 13

No, seriously, I've begun to think that I might have multipule personality disorder. Because, if you must know, I'm taking an AP class and I have the highest grade in it and pretty much every other class I'm taking. Even the crappy ones like Keyboarding and Health. Editing ZP is better keyboarding practice that Mechanical Voice Practice typing F. ffffffffff Practice typing J. jjjjjjjjjj (I'm like really bored now. I do not want to type G, or even F, and then U, Miss mechanical voice person. Will you just SHUT UP?) So in the classroom I'm all serious and well behaved and the go-to person if you forgot how to factor a quadratic. But then I get outside and I'm all singing the ADD song and attracting attention and being a complete idiot just to be funny. Hmm maybe I should go see a psychologist.

Twitch told me a joke that really offended me today. I'm blonde and I am not dumb. but Twitch went ahead and said "What's the easiest way to drown a blonde? put a scratch and sniff sticker at the bottom of a pool. What do you do if a blonde throws a grenade at you? Pull out the pin and throw it back. What do you do if a blonde throws a grenade pin at you? Sit back and watch." so then I made up a cover story that I'm brunette but I'm on the swim team and the chlorine bleached it, which is a complete LIE but it saved my dignity.

May 14

Oh, gosh, what did happen today? Ummm... Ooohh! today I woke up, went to school, got home, ate dinner, played Twilight Princess, took a shower, then went to bed!=only the awesomest day ever!

May 15

Master Baghead accused me of being an alien today. She said that I'm smart and I'm funny which is an unusual combination... she probably staked me back to my house yesterday, and then she saw the scar on my leg... then I probably saw her and she gave me an amnesia drug... that explains why I woke up in my room and couldn't remember anything that happened... this is really messed up; Commander told me the earthlings were too stupid to figure it out...

May 16

I stayed up waaaaayyyyy too late last night. I was so out of it, I forgot to use shampoo. Now my hair's all greasy. Great.

Yesterday, I wore lipstick for the first time! It was cool; my mom got this free gift from this one place and the gift had lipstick in it, and my mom said it was too light for her, so she gave it to me. Woohoo! Oh, crap, that can be used against me to say that I'm a girly girl... why won't this dang backspace key work! Master Baghead, let go of that mouse! You wouldn't dare click that save butto

Sunday, May 17

I'm sick today. Urgggg... *cough, hack, wheeze!* I'm gonna go take some Nyquil and go to bed early... uhhnnnn...

Monday, May 18

I hate this dungeon! The Lakebed Temple is IMPOSSIBLE! I guess I'm gonna have to swallow my pride and look at a walkthrough now. Usually, when I get stuck, I just run around in circles until I kill myself doing something retarded out of desperation. And then I figure it out. Grrr. I can't think when I'm sick. I've tried going to Fanadi and talking to Midna, but neither of them help. Well, at least everything Midna says isn't Navi: Volume II. I'm so glad I don't have an annoying fairy as a partner this time.

Tuesday,May 19

I swear, Dayquil tastes freaking NASTY! I thought it was cherry flavored! Gahhhh!

Wednesday, May 20

Social issues. Whoop de doo. There's this one girl at my school who I used to be real good friends with, but now she's just really annoying. She just goes on and on and on about her eye surgeries and it's like, "do I look like I care?" And she's really nosy too. She's all getting into my personal business and thinking she has to protect me. Seriously, I'm not making this up: This dude asked me out and we went to the dance, and then the girl got him alone and threatened him that if he hurt me, she would "hunt him down." And then she started freakin stalking my boyfriend to make sure he wasn't gonna hurt me. And then when he broke up with me, what ticked me off most wan't the fact that he dumped me, but the girl when I had to beg and plead with her to not hurt him and just to drop it. She is so messed up...

Hey, does anyone have any advice how to get this girl (Miss Annoyance) off my case? If you do, put it on the talk page.

Thursday, May 21

I had this crazy dream last night. I think the Nyquil I've been taking has been messing with my head or something. It's about Zelda, so maybe I could make a fanfic out of it? Nah, don't have time. Anyway, here goes...

I woke up in the middle of some REALLY bright light. It hurt my eyes. Once they adjusted, I found myself in the middle of a very large, open ceiling room made out of ornately carved gray stone. I was facing a wall. I turned around, and saw the Triforce! I stood for awhile, wondering. Is my soul balanced? (If you've played Ocarina of Time, you'd understand why I was wondering that) I've always considered myself more aqquainted with Wisdom than either of the other two virtues. Should I touch it? It might be safer in someone else's hands... But it's right there... I'd just make one wish. One wish won't hurt anyone... It would be so easy... Then Ganondorf appeared, clear across the room, though I could hear his words as if he were standing right next to me: "That's right. Make a wish, dearie; it won't matter once you're DEAD." Breathing hard, I approached the Triforce, held out my hand, and shouted, "Gods! Hear my plea! May the Triforce always be used for good, and never fall into the hands of the King of Evil!" With that, I reached out and touched the three golden triangles. The lower left piece, the Triforce of Wisdom, dissolved into my hand, and I saw the crest burn on the back of my right hand. The other two pieces whirled away and disappeared. Three shooting stars-- red, blue, and green-- flew into the stone room, exploded, and Din, Nayru, and Farore appeared where the stars hit the stone floor. Din approached me. "Do you know what you have done, girl?" Something wasn't right, I just couldn't tell what it was, but I quaked in fear anyway. "No," I answered quietly. "You have become the Queen of Evil!" Din shouted at me. I couldn't believe it. "I- I surrender!" I yelled, falling to my knees before Din. How did this happen? I thought. Me, the Queen of Evil? I didn't want this to happen! Din's eyes glowed black and she screamed, "Give the Triforce to me!!!" I stared at her. "You're not Din," I said, sheilding the triforce crest on my right hand with my left. I heard Ganondorf saying, "That's a smart little girl. Too bad she's dead anyway." He rushed forward and grabbed my hand and lifted me up, so I dangled in the air above the floor. I felt the Triforce leaving my hand, and as Ganondorf dropped me, I heard four voices laughing, then everything went black.

Scary, huh? Maybe I'd better lay off the cheesecake before I go to bed so I stop having these crazy Zelda dreams.

Friday, May 22

I started a forum awhile ago that only one person has responded to. Check out Forum:Zelda? Xelda? Hylian Language inconsistency! If you can read Hylian and you know how to change/submit files, then you'd be a big help with this forum.

Saturday, May 23

Lisa URAQT – "In the Great Sea, you have one cow. You have to sail for another twenty minutes to find the other." --WATCHER
Check it. I redesigned my talk bubble. I'm thinking this will get a lot more people to see my journal because there's a link in my bubble. But don't think that I'm done gathering quotes, because I'm hoping that people will continue to submit quotes so I can keep adding them. If you wanna submit something, the link is in yellow on the top.

Wednesday, May 27

Yeah, I skipped a few days, but who cares? If I do this every single day, then i'm just going to completely overload ZP with archives of my journal. I haven't been here since Saturday, or maybe I just forgot do do this Sunday, I don't even know anymore, I got three hours of sleep last night bc I stayed up all night working on my dang insect collection (anyone who uses the shoutbox would know, since I've been raving about how I had to stick a pin through a hairy moth, which is wrong on SO many levels...) and now I can't remember anything... and yes, I WENT TO SLEEP, I didn't pass out, so don't you go getting ideas, now...

Friday, May 29

I got slapped today. TWICE. It hurt but it was funny. So I was just standing in the lunch line, and then these two dudes started having a slap fight behind me. They were just messing, but there were people watching them, and you could just tell they were thinking about whose name they were gonna chant. The first guy wasn't necassarily winning, but the second guy was kinda backing up, towards me. And then the first guy missed and slapped my by mistake. So obviously, I screamed (I'm a girl, what would you expect?), not ridiculously loudly, though, but I screamed and yelled, "What the freak??" So then the second dude asked what happened, and I said, "He slapped me!!" and the second dude said, "Y'mean like this?" and slapped me. Now, THAT one was on purpose, and I would have opened my palm let him have it if I wasn't a pacifist. They're both idiots, but whatever. I think the red's gonna fade off my arm pretty soon.

Saturday, May 30

I wanna see if I act my age on this site.

How old do you think I am?

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Sunday, May 31

I was thinking about OoT today and I thought of something... uhh... OoT spoiler!

Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

Y'know at the end where Ganondorf tries to completely crush Link and Zelda in the remains of his tower? And then you gotta get out, and Zelda has to do all like phychokinesis to raise the iron gates; and I mean, you're not even going up, you're going down. Ya know what I would've done if that was me? I had three fairies in bottles at the time, so really it would have been smarter to give Zelda a fairy, keep one for yourself, maybe give the other to Navi, and JUMP. then you, Zelda, and Navi would die, and the fairies would ressurect you, and then you fight Ganon without messing with the iron gate crap.

Spoiler warning: Spoilers end here.

Saturday, June 6

It was freaking funny yesterday. There's this one dude in my class who thinks it's funny to try to steal my pencil pouch, but hasn't successfully done it yet. So the bell rang and I was gathering up my stuff, and then he put a green book cover on his head/face and ran up to me and started trying to grab my pencil pouch. So I was all like, "What the freak, you freakin--" like I always do and I was trying to wrestle the pencil pouch out of his grip. And then I elbowed him in the face by accident. I swear i didn't try to, but it was funny as heck. I'm serious. Trust me, it would be funnier if you were actually there and could see him.

Monday, June 21

I just found this freak funny site I think this link works that has a bunch of Engrish on it. Yes, i said Engrish. That ain't a typo. Engrish is when there's something written in a foreign language, translated to English, and it's messed up in some way. Did I explain that well enough? Whatever, just click the link and it'll make perfect sense. lol, it's funny as heck. click the link, and enjoy.

Hmmm,, what's the date today?

I decided I like blogs better, so my journal entries will be transferred to my blog from here on out. It's kinda nice, because this page is getting kinda long, and also, blogs can be commented on and rated.

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