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Alex Plant (aliases LexLionHart and Seran Aileron), born 15 August 1988, is a member of the ZeldaInformer community, and of the writing team The Bombers. He lived originally in Ft. Wayne, IN, but was transplanted to Flower Mound, in the suburbs of Dallas, TX at age six. There he spent many happy blissful years in a quaint littulbig neighborhood, where he amassed a gang of the local ne'er-do-wells and began a career of childhood mischief. To date, no one suspects the true extent of his trouble making, which mostly consisted of staying out too late, paint-ballooning unsuspecting passerby, and swiping lighters and potassium from the chem lab, and some still make the mistake of thinking him still blameless today. His high school years were bittersweet; on the one hand, he enjoyed much academic success, and his spiritual life had many golden moments, but on the other, he became, like many, the pinnacle of depression and discontent. This reached a point when, after making the amateur mistake of dating a girl who he had nothing in common with, he was again moved from Flower Mound to Edmond, Oklahoma, in the suburbs of Oklahoma City. He spent much of his senior year sulking, but eventually came around, and this began arguably the greatest period of his life thus far.

After graduating high school, he moved on to attend Oklahoma State University on an almost-full ride. His initial intended major was a BA in English, thanks to his fascination with the art of writing, but his distaste for being forced to write literary criticism caused him to consider dropping English for either Biological Sciences or Journalism and Broadcasting his sophomore year. The results of the current semester will determine which track he continues on.

Aside from school, his primary focuses are on serving as friend and mentor to his many companions and on spending time with his girlfriend. He still writes as a hobby.

After a semester of realizing biology was a big mistake, being dumped twice, and really hating the cold, Lex found himself meandering the CT of Farore late one lonely Thanksgiving night where he found the love of his life, KasutoStve. Was he falling for another man? No, Kasuto was actually woman with an oddly masculine name. It took him a whopping month and a half to ask her to marry him, and after about a half a year, he left his cozy and stable future and education in Oklahoma to a life of uncertainty and dependency on his love in California.

And now he is broke.

Good move, Lex.