KingFredrick VI

aka Frederick

  • I live in the wiki's
Welcome to my User Page!

I am an admin at greegee, CastleMiner, Fortresscraft, ProjectorGames, and Forza 4. I am a moderator for the totalminer wiki, which I also designed the home page, and the NUMB3RS wiki! I like to hang out at zeldapedia a lot and I'm on Wikia all the time looking for new things to do.

I get board A LOT. If you need help with something, leave me a message on my talk page.

Welcome to my User Page!

          I am great at HTML and Wiki code. I like Ocarina of Time the best of the Zelda series. My goal is to become a Admin on this wiki but I don't think it will happen for a long time if it happens at all. It is hard to try though because the current Admin do such a good job. I don't think that I will be able to help out a lot around here but I will try to do my best. The people who have written this wiki were also very good at it and the editors are good too. There are very few mistakes. I do have to say that this is a very good wiki.

I wish they would add more things to do on wiki's...

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