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Long ago, a hero wearing a green tunic fought against the forces of evil that were after the Triforce, an ancient and powerful relic. The hero broke the evil's spirit into four pieces, sending three pieces off into the depths of space-time,[1] and sealing the fourth piece at the entrance to the Temple with the Master Sword.[2] Ever since then, a sorceress has watched over the balance of the Triforce.

One day, Cia, the sorceress who was tasked with maintaining the balance of the Triforce, saw through her crystal ball a young soul like she had never seen before. It was Link, the one chosen by the goddess to protect Hyrule when he was needed. She immediately developed feelings for him and began to obsess over him. She should have seen that the Hero was bound to another, Princess Zelda, but she was too focused on the hero. Those feelings transformed into jealousy towards Zelda, and, while she was upset, a piece of the evil's spirit saw an opportunity. It found its way into her heart, turning her mind solely toward Link. Her obsession became so great that she raised an army and sent it to attack Hyrule.

Cia's army ravaged the land until the Hyrulean army was on the brink of defeat, with the dark forces at the doorstep of Hyrule Castle. Zelda and Impa immediately rushed to defend the castle, rallying the soldiers. The trainees were sent into the castle, but Link, a trainee, refused to run. Instead, he joined the battle and helped Impa and Zelda fight back the enemy forces, meeting Proxi on the way. Though they caused massive damage to Cia's troops, Hyrule Castle was taken from them, and Zelda had seemingly disappeared.[3]

Several weeks passed, and Impa heard of a band of soldiers led by a young woman that was defending against monsters in Faron Woods.[4] Hoping that this young woman was Zelda, Impa and Link advanced through the Eldin Caves to reach the forest.[5] In the caves, they encountered heavy enemy resistance. The pair fought valiantly, but they still found themselves outmatched, until Sheik appeared to help them fight. Although they did not know who the mysterious warrior was, they gladly accepted her into the Hyrulean army.

They arrived in Faron Woods and discovered monsters attacking a hidden village. Despite wanting to continue their search for Zelda, Link and Impa rushed to the aid of the village, meeting Lana in the process. After they defeated the enemy forces, Lana told Link and Impa about Cia, and how she planned to obtain the complete Triforce and conquer Hyrule. Joining forces with Lana, they decided to face Cia at the Valley of Seers and close the Gate of Souls, stopping the constant flow of monsters from across time.

Once Link and Sheik confronted Cia, she used her magic to steal the Triforce of Courage from Link and the Triforce of Wisdom from Sheik. Using the completed Triforce, she opened three Gates of Souls across Hyrule, literally merging different eras of time together. She then called three of the fragments of the evil spirit that slept across Hyrule, with the only remaining piece sealed by the Master Sword.

The Gates of Souls

With the Gates of Souls open, the four heroes made the decision to split up and seal the Gates that Cia had opened. Link traveled to the era of the Goddess Hylia, Lana traveled to the era of twilight, and Impa and Sheik found themselves in the era of the Hero of Time.

Link's Path

Link emerged in Skyloft, where he discovered that it was under siege by Ghirahim and Volga's armies. He rushed to Skyloft's aid, leading the Hyrulean army in its defense. During the battle, he felt a presence calling out to him, which he discovered to be Fi, the spirit of the Goddess Sword sent to aid the first hero in his mission. Fi recognized that he was not the same hero she knew, but she still called him "master," accompanying his forces. Ultimately, they defeated Volga and forced the enemy to retreat.


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