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The watchful eye is ever vigilant.
Welcome to Justin's HQ.
Home of a former wiki administrator.
Here since
September 09.


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Justin ZW is active.
Justin ZW has made at least one edit within the last month. However, they might not visit the wiki on a regular basis.


Coding Resume

All FOSS projects can be found at my github.

  • Patrolled Edits extension: Extension for the MediaWiki software which tells how many edits a user has patrolled. (DEPRECATED; NO LONGER SUPPORTED)
  • Patrol Magic extension: Adds new magic words/parser functions to the wiki software to output information on how many edits have been marked as patrolled overall. (DEPRECATED; NO LONGER SUPPORTED)
  • ContactUs extension: Adds a centralized contact page for MediaWiki. Allows users to email specific staff departments. (DEPRECATED; NO LONGER SUPPORTED)
  • Zelda Universe Top Stories plugin: Organizes and calculates page statistics to determine the "most popular" posts on a Wordpress site.
  • Zelda Universe Source/Via plugin: Creates a fluid and native means for Wordpress authors to cite their sources on posts.