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JumbledLimes/Sandbox/Pulse of the Ancients
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Release date
June 18, 2021

Pulse of the Ancients[1] is the first downloadable content pack for Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, released on June 18, 2021. It is exclusively available as part of the game's Expansion Pass.


The expansion pass adds the following:

  • A new playable character, the Battle-Tested Guardian.
  • Two new weapon types:
  • The Apocalyptic difficulty level.
  • New Vicious Enemy:
  • The respawning EX Alert:
    • EX Alert: Great Hyrule Forest
    • EX Alert: Breach of Demise
    • EX Alert: Hyrule Field
    • EX Alert: Crenel Peak
    • EX Alert: Hyrule Outpost
    • EX Alert: Akkala Citadel
  • The unique EX Alert, EX Alert: Forgotten Temple
  • The following Challenges:
    • EX Link: Flails
    • EX Zelda: Master Cycle
    • EX Road to Akkala Citadel
    • EX Purah & Robbie's Study
    • EX Ancient Threats
    • EX Battle-Tested Guardian Training
    • EX Request from the Lab
    • EX The Knight's Nightmare
    • EX Conquering Hyrule
    • EX Battle Research: Skills
    • EX Battle Research: Items
    • EX Handle the Horde
    • EX Rupee Rescue
    • EX Survival of the Fittest
    • EX The Final Battle
  • The following Side Quests:
    • EX Seeking Wooden Swords
    • EX The Squad's Training Retreat
    • EX A Spear Experiment
    • EX The Copy Tournament
    • EX Secret Plans
    • EX Reunion with the Swordmaster
    • EX Stamina Woes
    • EX Break the Obstacles
    • EX Horsemanship and Horsepower
    • EX Snow Business
    • EX Safe Roads, Safe Rides
    • EX Ride Across Hyrule!
    • EX The More the Merrier
    • EX Respect the Elements
    • EX Harder than a Guardian?
    • EX The Ultimate Guardian Showdown!
    • EX All Enemies Welcome
    • EX Undeniable Proof
    • EX Battle-Tested Research
    • EX Searching for Monster Data
    • EX Curious Materials
    • EX Lessons of the Past
    • EX Regular Maintenance
    • EX No Detail Too Small
  • The following Side Quests in the Ancient Tech Lab:
    • Roll Out the Research
    • Sensor of the Heart
    • The Technology of Disassembly
    • An Abundance of Apples
    • Hungry Hunches
    • The Menace of Vicious Monsters
    • Frugal Fruit
    • An Apple a Day
    • A Helping Claw
    • The Source of Strength
    • The Blazing-Blue Blades
    • Power Play: Bombs Away
    • Analyzing Vicious Behavior
    • Working with the Blacksmith Guild
    • Turn Up the Heat
    • Magnificent Mass
    • Power Play: Nice and Icy
    • The Many Sources of Strength
    • Supporting the Local Economy
    • Power Play: Magnetic Mayhem
    • Power Play: Go with the Flow
    • The Deal with Seals
    • Applied Research: Clawsome Power
    • Applied Research: Magnetic Inspiration
    • Gimme, Gimme, Gimme
    • Applied Research: Royal Guardians
    • Top-Secret Request
    • Safety First
    • The Ultimate Relic
    • The Relic of Legend
    • Present for the Princess
    • Riding Free
    • Better Safe Than Sorry
    • The Battle-Tested Guardian
    • Ride On


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  1. "Wave 1 of the #HyruleWarriors: Age of Calamity Expansion Pass launches 6/18! Pulse of the Ancients brings the playable Battle-Tested Guardian, weapon types: the Flail for Link & Master Cycle for Zelda, new challenges in the royal ancient Lab, apocalyptic difficulty, and more!" — Nintendo, [1], twitter.com, published June 15, 2021, retrieved September 3, 2021.