I have several ideas for Zelda Games, but this is the most developed one. Eventually I'll get bored and write it down here.

Timeline Placement

Although I'm writing this one first, it actually comes after my second most developed idea in the timeline and some of most of all of the plot in this one depends on that one. Just bear with me. Anyway, this is placed at the end of the child timeline.


The basic premise of the plot is that one of the characters (I won't tell you which one until it comes up in my narrative of the game) from the second game that I'm going to write (Yes, I know it would make more sense to write that one first, but it's pretty complex and I'd rather not sort out the details on it until I have this one out of my head) acquired the Triforce of Power. He's now trying to get the other two, which went to Link and Zelda (Not very original, but there will be a plot twist. Or not. Whichever.).


I don't really care about graphics, but I'm envisioning this with TP-style graphics. No, I'm not one of those freaks who think that realistic graphics are best (My favorite is Wind Waker style and I think of the second game I'm going to write in Wind Waker graphics).


In Hyrule. Link starts out in a village in the forested area, which is in the southeast.


It should be noted that this is a first draft, so the perspective and tense will probably shift and any actual dialogue I write will probably sound forced.

Finally Getting to the Actual Game

Part 1

The Boring Beginning to the Mirage Temple.

Part 2

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