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Ganondorf (The Wind Waker)
Griffen78 – I hold the triforce of power dearly,but it only drives me mad
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please sign.if you are reading this and did not sign...i will well....EAT YOUR SOUL...have a good life.

Sheik Artwork
Power courage wisdom and time – Time passes, people move...Like a river's flow, it never ends. A childish mind will turn to noble ambition...Young love will become deep affection... The clear water's surface reflects growth...
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Princess Zelda Wind Waker
Zelda phoenix – Hyrule legends will become a great page I PROMISE!!!
TALK Zelda phoenix 16:15, 8 June 2009 (UTC)
Hello,nice page.Look at mine too.

XXXXX Ahhhhh! Nat Wolff's face! *PUKE*
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Zant, you get away from that crack.

If you even get near my soul, I'll catch you in a lobster trap and sell you on eBay! Ah, not really. Cool page, and I love the music. (The last one was from WW too, I see.)
Fierce Deity Link
emem123292 – トランスレータの使用方法を知っグーゴル!
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i know the first one(in the contest)

Tatl Artwork
TatlTael – Tatl could beat Navi in a cagefight. Just ask Navi's cold whimpering body.
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The music was really cool, keep um' coming!
xt=hey... umm yeah, would I have 30 Rupees? 1 Rupee = 10 edits? Well if so, when you get the store up, things cant be expensive...}}
Ganondorf (The Wind Waker)
Griffen78 – I hold the triforce of power dearly,but it only drives me mad
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not very expensive the most might be say 300,
Hylian Space
Murchadah – This is a random sentence.
Hi. Just signing here, since last time I checked, my soul tasted pretty good....

Full Body Link
Mr kmil – Waterboarding Bambi!!
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I'm geting more active on this Wiki, sooooooo... I will have to ask you about rupees on your talk page.

420px-Hooded jedi
Lord link – "The world is one of sadness. Battle brings death. Death brings sorrow"
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hi obey me or die

Princess Zelda (A Link to the Past)
LadyNorbert – I welcome the Hero of Time
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Thank you for all the rupees, but how did I get so many?

Darknut (Twilight Princess)
Lord Xale – Hm... It seems that I have been gone for much too long...
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I like pie!

King Bulblin
Solar flute – The secret of the Bulblins, parachutes.
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Just signing to keep my soul, I may need it for later.

Bongo Bongo Artwork
Moblin slayer – Marching forward hypocritic and hypnotic computers, you depend on our protection, yet you feed us lies from the tablecloth!
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So, you eat people's souls if they don't sign. How do they taste?

Fierce Deity Link
Gamer07 – :"But then, when all hope had died, and the hour of doom seemed at hand... a young boy clothed in green appeared as if from nowhere. Wielding the blade of evil's bane, he sealed the dark one away and gave the land light."
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
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I signed...please dont eat my soul.

Ganon (Twilight Princess)
Master Storm – Fear the ultimate power!
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I'm signing, so don't eat me! And thanks for the rupees.
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How sad. You believe you can eat my soul. Hah. For that, you are doomed to this signature that will seal your life. Live while you can.
Herooftwilight – "And here we...go." -The Joker-
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Cool Page.
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I visited your page! haha. =]

Presea for talkbubble
Raz Twilight – You criticize and attack people for their birth and upbringing - things they cannot change. It is you who are not human.
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Haha, I didn't sign anything, I'd like to see you try to eat my soul.

Ancient Sage
Peakprovince – What are you looking at?glances around nervously.
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Yep I signed, but the soul thing? I believe i've misplaced mine, I'll find it eventually

Hehe, I signed, so you can't eat my soul...:P User:Dragonmaster kayla

I have no soul -cue flames in the background- Mwahahahaha From Xicera, the so called emo/Gothic chick

Triforce 14 — "Want some rye? Course you do!"
*signs page*

Twoface13 – Wow, every decision I make is based off a flip of a coin because half of my face was burned off.AWESOME!!!!!!
TALK – It is said to be impossible to lick your elbow. 75% of people who read this will then attempt to lick their elbow.
Signed the page. You wouldn't have been able to eat my soul though. I'm loaning it to someone now so you would've had to wait 4-6 weeks. Lol.

Good luck with eating my soul. I've made so many demonic deals odds are the only thing you'll taste is an I.O.U. --Big Poe=Nice Guy 22:01, 11 April 2009 (UTC)

Samus Suit
Metroidhunter32 – I have created a tournament of heroes.
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I read this a while ago and didn't sign, and the next night you appeared to eat my soul. By the way how much did the surgery cost? You should know that eating toxic dust wil fill your throat up with more tumors than a cancer patient.

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Hate to burst your bubble Griffen but in this world you can no longer just eat a person's soul. The world has gotten more business-like and that kind of stuff has to become more business-like as well. So the old response would be replaced with this contract: whilst Griffen78 will steal the victim's soul they will retrieve it every other Monday, Wednesday and Friday with a 62% rebate on Griffen's own soul who will gain a $5 gift card for Best Buy.

kripes! you have a lot of signatures. heres one more from me [[User:Oni Dark Link|Oni Dark Link 21:26, 6 May 2009 (UTC) ]]

Lisa URAQT – "The Great Journey awaits for no one. Not even you." --The Prophet of Truth from Halo 2
Well, see, looky here, I see that the page has been semi-protected... I am assuming that there are, in fact, Zeldapedians who don't have accounts/didn't log it/have accounts that are less than four days old/forgot their passwords/you get the point who have read your page and couldn't sign... How do those souls taste?

Ccbermanzzpedia – Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary.--Dead Poet's Society
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Look who Mr.Social is! You've got a lot of sigs, so i might as well add mine! And how is eating souls goin' for ya'? i gave that up over a year gave me bad stomach aches, and massive-explosive-diareah.

Portal-Kombat – HeRe GoEs nO sOmEtHiNg. -mR. SaTuRn, Mother 3
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Hello! And... Goodbye!

Skull Kid (Twilight Princess)
DragonPhoenix13 – Skipping whenever possible maintains a high level of insanity.
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I have signed page.

Midna Laughing
The Midna – Logarithms are just dancing stumps.
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Nice page, Griffen!

Puppet Ganon
Legendlink – "That's quite an arm you got there. Ow...(looks at you nervously)-Cyclos
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Whasup! I'm signing. I WILL SIC PUPPET GANON ON YOU IF YOU MESS WITH ME! GOT IT?!?!? Just kidding.
Toon Link (Super Smash Bros Brawl)
Waker-of-the-Winds – You played the Wind's Requiem
TALK Waker-of-the-Winds (talk) 00:15, April 23, 2010 (UTC)
Hi, you cannot eat my soul. XD
Phantom (Phantom Hourglass)
CerberuΣ GR – C'est en faisant n'importe quoi qu'on devient n'importe qui
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Stayin' Alive

Oldschoolzeldafan "I REJECT your reality and substitute my OWN!"
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WAI! Life, it been sucking the, well, LIFE outta me, so I apologize profusely for my ninja-editing skills. I HAVE been doing stuff, though! I jes tend to neglect to log in. I'll check this site for research on a current project, catch a minor mistake, and stealth-edit. I finally found a page needing a big enough overhaul today that I thought, "Ehhh... better log in for this one". So, yeah. Still alive. *hugs* Sorry I been so absent! I DO miss you guys, believe me!
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