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To contribute to this page just go throughout Hyrule on The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and go into first person view in front of a sign and translate the Hylian written on it. most of the time it will not say what is on it when you press A and read it. when you are done translating it come here and add it to the section it belongs to with a detailed description of where it is and if you can a picture next to it. if you can't translate a letter then say next to the word this one needs completion and put a-_-mark were the letter is. If you think one is wrong say-this needs to be checked-next to it.


Cardinal directions (North, East, South, West) are based on the game cube version of the game.

*Signs in Ordon Village*

1. Sign just before Ordon Ranch: "Signboard of Hyrule"

*Signs in Faron Woods*

1. The Approach of A Shrine of Forest-The sign at the fork in the road were one road goes to Hyrule Field(south) and the other to the Forest Temple.

*Signs in Sacred Grove*

where u pull the master sword out u see the words "mastersword" "mastersword" twice one bigger than the other on the stand

*Signs in Hyrule Field (South)*

*Signs in the Gerudo Desert*

*Signs in Snow Peak*

*Signs in Snow Peak entry area*

*Signs in Zora's Domain*

*Signs in the Fishing Hole*

*Signs in Upper Zora's River*

*Signs in the Hidden Village*

1. Welcome-sign at entry.

2. Welcome To Old Kakarico-2 bilboards in the village.

*Signs in Hyrule Field (bridge of Eldin)*

*Signs on Death Mountain*

*Signs in Kakariko Village*

1. Hotel Orude-Main sign outside of Elde inn.

2. Hotel-small signs hanging outside of Elde inn.

3. Bomb-Signs outside of the bomb shop.

4. Jale-small poster on the outside wall of the jail

5. Maro's Mart-sign in front of Malo's Mart

6. Extinct-many small posters inside of Barnes' Bomb shop. (Also on the poster is an image of fire with a red line and circle drawn through it. This may have been the result of a translation error and may have meant to say "extinguish".)

7. karik-a broken sign, hanging sideways, above the front gate; presumed to be a fragment of a sign saying "Kakariko Village"

*Signs in Hyrule Field (Kakariko Gorge)*

*Signs in Lake Hylia*

*Signs in Hyrule Field (north)*

*Signs in Hyrule Castle and Castle Town*

1. this on needs to be checked-Hopithl-sign outside of the medical clinic in east catle town.

2. Star Circus-signs outside of the star game tent.

3. Welcome-sign inside the star game tent.

4. Cafe-sign ontop of the place in the south east corner of central castle town.

5. Bar Terma-signs outside of Telma's bar.

6. Water-signs were you buy Hot spring water in southern castle town.

*Other Signs Throughout Hyrule*

1. Sign Board of Hyrule-Many of the signs throughout the land.

*Any questions put them on the discusion page*

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