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"Patience is a virtue!"

About myself

Hello, I am FredCat100, which also known as "FredCat" or "Fred" commonly. So please forgive my comment in my Talk Page as I was in the bad mood at that time I was "fired" from other Wikia.

I am one of deaf people. I was originally a hearing individual when I was but a baby, but I lost my hearing when the fever struck at six months old. That would explain why I am having a grammar problem. So if you feel like to clean up after me, then feel free do so. I don't mind, to be honest.

And if you pardoned my summary - I love to make a pun based on what I was put in or edit them.

My Effort

My current sources were to helping out with the Shrines that were missing from the Shrines article - there were more than 20 Shrines missing on that article by the time I went to check and cover all of them.

My first effort to improving it was to give it "Tower Regions" idea, but it was rejected. It was due to them being "unofficial" term, which wouldn't be approval when Prima Guidebook is released. I created a new article - Kah Yah Shrine. It is in Palmorae Ruins, which existed within the region of East Necluda. The idea of "Tower Region" was from the YouTube video of "List of 120 Shrines".

Managed to get all Shrines listed in the Shrines article. I will leave the red-linked shrines to other users because it's 3 AM in the morning at where I am living in now.

Tips and Advices

How to archiving the old topics in the Talk Page

I used Ceiling Master's Archive articles as examples for this section.

How to customizing the Archive Box

  • Create <Username>/Archivebox page
    • Or alternative; call it "ArchiveList", as seen in ArchieSonic Wikia, though it's for general reasons
  • Do whatever the user likes in there, treat it in the same way they did with their Username Page - be creative
  • If the user has Archive Box page, then it can be used to replacing the numerous of Archive# links on the Talk Page

Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

Obviously Trivia I haven't seen before

Thanks to this article for extended the details that I have failed to catch on.

Sheikah Monks and Sages of Time

The image presented the Sheikah Monks and the Sages of Times (Trial of the Sword [Former] and Ocarina of Time [Latter])
The order from top to bottom;
  • Zelda - Center Sheikah Monk
  • Rauru - Left of the Center
  • Darunia - Right of the Center
  • Ruto - Second Left of the Center
  • Nabooru - Second Right of the Center
  • Impa - Left End Sheikah Monk
  • Saria - Right End Sheikah Monk

All Bosses of OoT and Blights of BotW

The GIF of Bosses in OoT and Blight Ganons in BotW
Gohma - Windblight Ganon
King Dodongo - Fireblight Ganon
Barinade - Waterblight Ganon
Phantom Ganon - Thunderblight Ganon

NOTE: The first four of the bosses in Ocarina of Time was only used for Blight Ganons, other four have their own uses.

Spoiler warning: Spoilers end here.


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