Small Deku Guard
name: virgil
age: 14
gender: male
race: its like a fish, but with really big feet
issues: check
magicalness: check (along with a quote i'd never get away with puttin here)
main mode of transportation: ~we fly of course~ ♥
alternate form: its kinda (not really) like a human, but with no lips hair of left arm. and its green, completely green.

About me

i don't do much. so there i have nothing to really say. i am an average guy who is completely unaware of how confusing i am.

My Interests


Well i kinda like the zelda games but not really. i like mario as my favorite set o' games. that statement just be came invalid. zelda forever!

more specific

favorite games

  1. wind waker
  2. majora's mask
  3. predator:concrete jungle
  4. luigi's mansion
  5. animal crossing
  6. Zelda II: adventure of link
  7. oot

least favorite kingdom hearts II

even more specific

favorite characters

  1. kaffei
  2. postman
  3. malon
  4. luigi
  5. zora's in general
  6. toad
  7. predator
  8. link (i guess...)
  9. mario
  10. peter venkman (ghostbusters)

least favorite majora (he's meant to be hated)

favorite places in video games

  1. lon lon ranch (oot)
  2. luigi's mansion (luigi's mansion)
  3. sedgwick hotel (ghostbusters)
  4. the city (predator:concrete jungle)
  5. open sea (wind waker)
  6. animal town (animal crossing)

least favorite: underwater, any game

full list of all my games

ordered by release date of system. games alphabetized.

xbox 360

  • perfect dark zero


  • ghostbusters
  • lego indiana jones: the original adventures
  • lego star wars: the complete saga
  • link's crossbow training
  • super smash brawl
  • wii sports


  • destroy all humans 2
  • gun
  • hsx
  • marvel vs. capcom 2
  • mortal kombat: armageddon
  • need for speed: underground 2
  • predator: concrete jungle
  • prince of persia: sands of time
  • rouge galaxy
  • sonic heros
  • starwars battlefront

nintendo gamecube

  • animal crossing
  • legend of zelda: collectors edition (legend of zelda, zelda II: adventure of link, legend of zelda: ocarina of time, legend of zelda: majora's mask)
  • legend of zelda: the wind waker
  • luigi's mansion
  • super mario: sunshine

game boy advance

  • pokemon red rescue team
  • super mario advance 2: super mario world

nintendo 64

  • star wars episode I: racers

game boy color

  • pokemon blue

super nintendo entertainment system

  • super mario world

game boy

  • game and watch gallery
  • link's awakening
  • killer instinct

nintendo entertainment system

  • kirby's adventure
  • super mario bros. 3
  • super mario bros./duck hunt


well i like pop and rock

favorite artists

  1. billy joel
  2. michael jackson
  3. the beatles
  4. queen
  5. wierd al yonchavich or how ever you spell it.
  6. e.l.o.


its a well know fact that i really like the ghostbusters.


  • ghostbusters
  • ghostbusters II
  • strange brew
  • every now and then a pokmemon movie is good, as a matter of fact my favorite movie character is from one.


  • Seymour the scientist (pokemon)
  • peter venkman (or anyone done by bill murray)
  • egon spengler (ghostbusters)

things that have everything to do with me

this will be a fun section that i will add to whenever i want


this does have something to do with me since they are from me

senseless responses

a senseless response are my reactions that don't make sense

they will be formatted in the following fashion

initiator of reaction | what someone said that i reacted to | my action | then my statement parentheseese here indicate the initiator speaking ex: just a fellow student| theres a milk carton on the floor | leap away from carton in fear | there must be a moose nearby

on with the list

  • fellow student | theres a milk carton on the floor | leap away from carton in fear | there must be a moose nearby
  • person i just met | have you heard that one song by queen, bohemian rhapsody? | throw what ever i have in my hands to the floor | you don't know me, you don't hate me neither, so why do you do this to me?
  • one of my best friends | hey man whats up | suspicious look | um... hi?... do i know you?... (dude its me) yeah, rite (tristan?...) i don't believe you (dude its me, {various facts of his life}) i don't think you're really tristan.
  • anyone | [ackward pause] | look of remembrance | don't you just hate it when you drop your gum on the floor, and it gets covered in dog, rabbit, and guinea pig hairs. and parakeet feathers... it just doesn't taste the same after that.

if you use any of these quotes you must also use the user box i made, its in my userboxes, near the beging.

things we do, just to irritate our fellow man. and woman. can't for get them

  • eat there food
  • random out bursts
  • digest their food
  • speak in a made up language
  • gain nutrition through their food
  • repeat the same sentance with different begings
  • place their food in your stomache
  •  !kamehameha! random people
  • om nom nom their food
  • refrence movies that noone has ever seen
  • disturb their food by consuption
  • complain about lazy people then take a nap

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web sites

well i am a member to many other web sites. so i'll list those here and my username on each.

  • gameml [1] fooey
  • youtube [2] thefooey
  • yoyogames [3] fooey

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