Midna's True Form
FlowerGirl777 – wowwowwubzy
TALK – time dosent exist
Helllllllllllllo welcome to my userpage if you think i need to do something to it just let me know im new thanks.hope to talk to someone soon!!

Nabooru Artwork
FlowerGirl777 – hello there
TALK – time???
whats going on today?
Princess Ruto Artwork
FlowerGirl777 – pritty pritty
TALK – i like the water!
I have finally got the idea of this word bubble thingy here now all i need is someone to talk to me!
Princess Zelda (Twilight Princess)
FlowerGirl777 – whooo
TALK – kick some monster butt
Yay whats going on its the weekend all weekend
Link Artwork 1 (Ocarina of Time)
LunaLink “Well, excuuuuuuse me Princess!”
TALK – 11:30
Right thats it, I'm trial running my word bubble and you seem friendly enough so, HOWDYDOODYTHERE FlowerGirl777! your talk things more pleasant than mine, coz I have a meanie stalking me so... hi... :D
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hey flowergirl! Im always glad to see a new person on Zeldapedi! It's a little confusing here at first, but you get used to it edventully.just remember NOT to get dicouraged when you don't get something or a bad comment...I'v been through that too. so any way, welcome and I hope you enjoy editing here!
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