About me

I am DragonPhoenix13 and I love dragons and fire. My name is of three parts. Dragon of course refers to my obsession with dragons. Phoenixes are closely associated with fire, and I love fire, to an extent. I don't run around setting fire to things or anything. 13 is my favorite number, don't ask why, because I don't know. I'm still learning how to edit and such so don't be surprised if I have grammatical errors or anything like that.

Random Info

  • I am a fan of randomness, so expect a lot of it out of me, at least on this page.
  • I memorize pi for no real reason at all
  • I think the battle with Argorok in Twilight Princess was the definition of epic
  • The only game I have beaten more than once is The Minish Cap, and I'm working on my third time
  • I found a website that allows one to assign musical tones to the digits of pi and play it. Find it at I didn't include a link just in case it gets all weird if you want to check it out just copy+paste it for the URL. (if it doesnt work tell me so I can fix it)

Games I've Played

These are in order- earliest I played to latest.

Definitions of Random Words

Some of my favorite words taken from Muse magazine, January 2009, article name Reading the Oxford English Dictionary

  • Artolater: A worshipper of bread
  • Monodynamic: having only a single talent
  • Latibulate: To hide yourself in a corner
  • Unasinous: Being equal to another in stupidity

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This is my talk bubble (I hope)

Yes! it worked! I didn't fail too badly!

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As Shade Link said, welcome! If you have any questions/comments/concerns/complaints (isn't it interesting that all of those start with the C sound?) don't hesitate to ask me or the other active users. Hope you have a great time contributing to Zeldapedia!
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Very cool page! I especially liked the Random Words section.
To hide yourself in a corner. LOL!!!
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Hello, sorry but i'm terrible at finding something with any point in the signatures.

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