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Who am I?

Hello, I am Dark Mirror's Link, which is the Shadow Link from the game Four Swords Adventure. I am always challenging peoples views and asking questions, just like one of history's greatest philosophers Socrates. If you have a project you are working on and need help I am usually available, but I will ask for details about the project before I accept or decline.

How much of a Zelda fan am I?

I have proven to be the biggest fan of the game in my high school and college as well as the most knowledgeable. I still feel as if I know nothing compared to the majority of fanatics.

What have I done to earn the title of a Zelda nerd?

What I have done to be called a Zelda nerd is:

1. Own and have played every mainstream Legend of Zelda game.

2. Beaten all but 3 of the mainstream Legend of Zelda games. I have not beaten Four Swords Adventures as I have been playing it with 4 people and I only play it when all of use are together. I have not beaten Adventure of Link yet, currently am on the 2nd to last temple. Last one I have not beaten is Skyward Sword, only because I do not find it to be of the same quality as the other Zelda games and am waiting to set up my capture card so I can make a YouTube series of me playing the game.

3. I own the Master Sword, Hylian Shield, Dark Link's Master Sword, Dark Link's Hylian Shield, an Ocarina, made my own Dark Link Cosplay outfit, current working on making a Link Cosplay outfit, and the Hyrule Historia.

4. I have read all the Legend of Zelda manga (sadly I have not yet bought them) and have watched the Zelda cartoon.

5. I have actually communicated with Nintendo America and have almost been guaranteed a job there once I finish college. Hopefully I will be able to move to Japan and work for Nintendo there to make the future games in the Zelda franchise.

Which Legend of Zelda character(s) do I love the most?

My favorite Zelda characters are Dark Link, Shadow Link, and Link's Shadow. It still is unconfirmed if they are different characters or if they are the same. I personally would like to see them as being the same character, but I cannot make that claim as nothing supports it. It is my belief, if they are in fact all the same being (with certain exceptions, such as the Dark Links made by Veran) that Dark Link was not completely evil but only doing what he knew. Why do I say this? If they are the same character, then why is Dark Link the final boss in Adventure of Link? He did not seem to be an evil character in that game, he seemed more of a test to see if the person was worthy of taking the Triforce of Courage or not. That means that over time he learned how to do good, finally ending up (at least in this timeline) as a force for good. I also like the Shadow Link from the Four Swords Adventure manga as he ends up becoming a hero in the end.

My next favorite Zelda character is the Skull Kid from Majora's Mask. He turned Link into a deku scrub, that is hilarious. He also decides when his friends abandon him (the 4 giants) that he is going to become a prankster. While doing that he steals an evil mask and then decides to bring the moon down. Ultimate Prank King.

Third is the Happy Mask Salesman. He is emotionally random and seems to have magic powers as he can just disappear as seen at the end of Majora's Mask and create a piano from nothing. As well as that, he had (and probably has more) a mask that was completely evil. He also seems to know the way between Hyrule and Termina as he was able to get there from Hyrule.

Some Personal Opinions

I feel that this site does a disfavor to the Skyward Sword manga published in the Hyrule Historia. The Hyrule Historia was written at Nintendo's request, and so was that manga. The Hyrule Historia says on page 68 that what is in the book is BELIEVED to be true AT THIS TIME, so the entire Hyrule Historia can be put up to debate on what is or is not canon. I believe that the Skyward Sword manga is just as canon as the rest of the Hyrule Historia, temporarily canon. When we look at it that way we see some interesting changes to some pages on this wiki. The Hero's Spirit is not Link's actual soul, it would be his regret manifested. The Links from the adult timeline cannot have the soul of Link as he is supposed to be reincarnated whenever Hyrule is in danger, and in that timeline there was "The Era Without a Hero".


I am a simple Zelda fan and nerd, a proud Fanboy of Dark/Shadow Link/Link's Shadow, and a collector of anything Zelda that I can afford and get my hands on. I am willing to help out on this site and on people's own personal projects. I hope to be able to have conversations and debates with other knowledgeable Zelda fans and nerds. I wish you all a great day.