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For generations, Hyruleans have told the tale of the War Across the Ages. This is how it begins… Deep in the forests, far from mortal eyes, a great sorceress watched over the balance of the Triforce. Through her magic, she could see across ages, able to read the fates of all who lived, but never interfering. That is, until a unique soul caught her attention… The soul of the Hero of Legend, eternally reborn when Hyrule’s need is greatest. Through her powers, the sorceress should have seen that the hero was bound to another. Instead she saw only a soul that was unlike any she had known. And while the sorceress was preoccupied, a fragment of darkness, locked in its prison, saw an opportunity. The whispering darkness wormed its way into her heart. It pushed the light away and warped her curiosity into a desperate desire to possess the legendary hero’s soul. Of course, this evil had its own desires… To use the Triforce to resurrect itself and conquer Hyrule once again. Having pushed the light from her heart, the darkness compelled her to open the Gate of Souls, the doorway of time itself. Monsters from across the ages poured through the gate, bringing ruin to the land of Hyrule once more.

Twilight Field
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Eldin Province
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Twilight Field is a stage in Hyrule Warriors.

The Twilight Field is set in the Eldin Province from Twilight Princess, and covers the Bridge of Eldin, Kakariko Village, and the Hidden Village. The playable characters in Story mode are Agitha and Lana. Midna is the stage's main boss, and the main enemies are Stalchildren.

After Lana steps through one of the portals opened up by Cia, the young sorceress finds herself in the Era of Twilight, when Hyrule was completely covered in shadows. Although her primary mission consists of closing the Gate of Souls, Lana stumbles into a a village being overrun by monsters and decides to help immediately.[1]


Land of Twilight

Upon arriving to Hyrule Field, Lana hears screams calling for help coming from a young girl in a nearby village.[2] The sorceress hurries over to the source of the screams and finds Agitha surrounded by Bulblins.[3] Easily defeating the monsters with her magic, Lana introduces herself and mentions that she is looking for the Gate of Souls but is unsure on where to look due to the land being covered in Twilight.[4][5] Agitha offers to help her rescuer by using a Goddess Butterfly to guide them through the Twilight Realm and thus reach their destination.[6] Following Agitha and the butterfly through the twilight, Lana and her companions eventually stumble upon Midna, who has captured the flying insect upon thinking that it will poison her forces.[7][8] Agitha intervenes and assures her that the butterfly is not of a poisonous genus, and explains that it can take a person anywhere they want to go as long as it is asked kindly.[9] Realizing that the butterfly can take her to Cia, who turned her into an imp, Midna asks the insect for guidance and begins to follow it, leaving her forces behind to hold Lana and her allies from getting in her way while she confronts Cia.[10][11] With the butterfly leading Midna, Agitha grows concerned about the insect and seeks to retrieve it,[12] but Lana insists that she will get it back and asks that Agitha return to Kakariko Village for the moment.[13]

Cia, noticing Midna's advance towards her Keep, orders her Dark Forces to intercept and begin an attack against Midna's Forces.[14][15] Meanwhile, Lana chases after the Twilight Princess in an attempt to retrieve the Goddess Butterfly, but finds that she is much more powerful than she thought due to the influence of the Twilight that is covering Hyrule.[16] Although Midna is successful in reaching Cia's keep despite Lana's intervention, the evil sorceress quickly flees upon the princess's arrival, angering Midna.[17] Thinking that Lana and her allies are on Cia's side,[18] she begins to attack the Hyrulean Forces despite the sorceress's insistance that she just wishes to get the Goddess Butterfly back.[19]


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