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Count Caterpie – "Someday... When this seal is broken.... That is when I will exterminate your descendants!! As long as the Triforce of Power is in my hand..."
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You don't know what that means? Wikis Worked With Whenever. These are the wikis I work with.

  • Bulbapedia - Pokemon - Inactive: Due to this wiki, and my Diamond game is lost (like fell out of hole in pocket in downtown during a rainstorm kinda lost)
  • Zeldapedia - Legends of Zelda - Active:Kind of.. I edit when I can...
  • Smash Wiki - Smash Bros. - Inactive: maybe like 5 edits.. and an image.
  • Mario Party Wiki - Mario Party - Active: Admin/founder
  • Mario Wiki - Mario - Active:I Revert a lot of Vandalism
  • Super Mario Wiki - Mario - Active: Not really. I dont edit much there. Im really just recruiting..
  • Donkey Kong Wiki - Donkey Kong - Active:Our partner wiki. I help when I can
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