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Quick Information

Cody Davies (born January 6 1990) is the Chief Operating Officer (Webmaster sounds less scary though) of Zelda Universe and Zelda Wiki.

ZU History

In September 2003, Cody joined Zelda Universe under the name DiVinEDraGooN, eventually changing it to Divine Dragoon and then finally Cody. He remained a normal member for a long time before finally becoming a moderator of the Synthesis of Imagery board in November 2007. He then became a webmaster in November 2008 after a forumwide vote.

ZW History

At Zelda Wiki, Cody has the important job of beating the other staff at Mario Kart 8, as they do not fully comprehend the power of Rosalina and insist on choosing other characters, like Roy. Go away Roy, you're not even the best Koopa Kid. Go back to Super Smash Bros Melee.