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Birthday November 18, 1993
Location Florida, United States
First Edit on Zelda Wiki June 27, 2008
Total Edits {{#ec:Bwar}}
First Game Link's Awakening
Favorite 2D Zelda Game(s) Link's Awakening
Oracle of Seasons
Oracle of Ages
Favorite 3D Zelda Game(s) Majora's Mask
The Wind Waker


I try and help out wherever I can here on the wiki. I specialize in organizing things, locating errors with file placement, and finding high quality images. I'm flexible though so if you need some help or a job done, I'll try my best to do it

Current Projects

  • Image renaming project
  • Locate and upload images for the Twilight Princess Trading Card series

Image "to-do's"

  • Pulling out a pot when using the grappling hook at sea in Wind Waker