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"A long time ago there was a man in this very village who had in eye they say could see the truth"

Hello random person reading my page I am BogusBongos2 And Zelda is my probably favorite Video game series (Besides Animal Crossing and Metroid) and I have completed most of the games except for about 2 other games and that is about it.

my Word Bubbles page is Template:BogusBongos2

Songs and stuff like that

Welcome to my Songs stuff like that section were I put songs I like enjoy -BogusBongos2

Requiem of Spirit
Nocturne of Shadow

Stuff I hate in Zelda games

Look I know Zelda games are great and really couldn't get much better but I think there are a few things that should be taken out!.

Keese: these things are so annoying and you only get a few seconds to defend yourself without getting Frozen by Ice Keese or getting burned by Fire Keese and its just so annoying.

Stalchild(Ocarina of time): Though Stalchilds are quite simple to kill there still very annoying because every night as young Link you cant go anywhere (unless you walk on the sand trails or have the Keaton mask) wthout them climbing out of the ground and throwing themselves at you!.

Biri: In OoT When your Inside Jabu-Jabu these stupid floating Jellyfish will sting you if you get to close to them and cause some serious problems and I ESPECIALY hate the larger ones on Barinade!.

And the last thing is...

Gerudo Guard: I don't want to say they should be taken out of the games or else Gerudo Fortress and Gerudo Pirate Fortress would be as simple as ever but I'm just saying I hate them since in OoT if they catch you before you get the Membership Card all Link does is puts his hands up and he surrenders I mean why doesn't he fight back he's already got the Fairy Bow the Master Sword (or Biggoron's sword) shields and even Hover Boots so I don't really get it. and yes I KNOW he could get In more trouble if he fails to do so.

My Zeldapedia to-do list

  1. Suggest a Temple of Courage fight
  2. Post more Blogs
  3. Make more Uerboxes
  4. Get Rollback Rights

and more to come...

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Flare Dancer I am Fire Burnin'

A sentence in Hylian

Hylian IHylian CHylian AHylian NHylian FHylian LHylian YHylian IHylian NHylian THylian HHylian EHylian AHylian IHylian R

My Word Bubbles

Lens of Truth
BogusBongos2 Past, present, future... the Master Sword is a ship with which you can sail upstream and downstream through time's river.. the port for that ship is the Temple of Time.
This is my primary Word Bubble.


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