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WiKirby: As a bureaucrat, and owner, I'm working to bring the same great quality ZW has to the Kirby fandom. I'm extremely grateful to the others from here that came to pitch in on the wiki, and helped to maintain it while I was away.

Wars Wiki: The wiki for the Advance Wars and Battalion Wars games. My role here is less of article creation and more of helping the members code up the things they want, such as infoboxes. I can waste so much time in Days of Ruin, so it's a project of interest to me.

Bulbapedia, Mario Wiki, and Metroid Wiki: I've yet to do much at these, but I hope to help them get started using some of the things we struggled to get functioning here. And I encourage others to do so too.

Wikia: I created an account to help Rupeelord with the show/hide template on his Conker wiki, but otherwise I only have it to maintain a line of communication with the Kirby Wikia guys. They've been very respectable with their management and WiKirby relations; I really gotta hand it to them. They have shown me that they certainly deserve the leadership positions that they have there. The Zeldapedia guys may have soured my opinion of Wikia, but these give me a strong dose of hope for the whole Wikia site.

Au revoir Zelda Wiki! :)

Contentious people win this day. It's been fun, and sometimes someone comes around determined to spoil it. In all likelyhood, on account of the best decision I made for ZW back in October- Some people just haven't accepted it, and never will. I'm through with them.