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Well...I'm a person, male, and Iv'e been playing Zelda since i was four, and i stumbled upon the N64 my uncle gave to my older brother. he found OOT to hard, but i loved. it. however, i couldn't afford (Being 6 when i beat OOT) an expansion pak, or a game cube. I was out of the zelda link until i was twelve, when i got a wii. I played MM, then, while waiting for a game cube controller/memory card to be shipped (via ebay) from japan, I decided to play TP, even though originally i wanted to play them in order. because i played TP before WW, and because The hero of time is my childhood hero, i decided to believe in the single timeline theory. I found no reason why it would split, and i didn't want my hero to be cast a side. Now i spend most of my time arguing with XYZ on the forums. oh, and i'm a star wars/star trek/avatar/harry potter geek (i memorized all 7 books thanks to Jim dale)/Conservative/catholic.

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