Hello! Welcome to my userpage, where I will stop by to expand upon between edits and writing fanfiction. Vote on my polls (however lame) and sign my page afterward.

Useless trivia about me

  • I'm a girl
  • I am extremely obsessed with Zelda, which made me get an account here.
  • I also have a Tetris Friends account, which is called zeldafan_99. And a fanfiction, on which I go by the same username as my Zeldawikia account.
  • I own an Ocarina of Time. Sometime I have to upload a picture of it here.
  • I also own a green Link hoodie that I ordered off Amazon. Unfortunately it's too big for me, so I can't wear it yet. Actually that may also have to do with the fact that it was in the dude section...
  • I have a pet rabbit, that is very cowlike in her appearance and behavior. (no, she doesn't moo...she's just fat and eats the grass when I put her into the backyard instead of running around like a normal rabbit.)
  • Here are the Zelda games that I own, in order of which I got them.
    • Twilight Princess (beaten...4 times, never bothered looking for poes except for the ones that you have to kill because of those stupid golden skulltulas
    • Phantom Hourglass (beaten 100%)
    • Wind Waker (Beaten 100%, both regular file and second quest.)
    • Spirit Tracks (beaten 100%)
    • Minish Cap (Fortress of Winds)
    • Ocarina of Time (beaten twice, CAN'T FIND THOSE ****ING GOLDEN SKULLTULAS!!! If I can't find another one, I swear I'm gonna murder the person closest to me.
    • Majora's Mask (stone tower)
    • Legend of Zelda (well I don't technically have this I played it on Brawl is all)
  • Other games I own are:
    • mini ninjas, wii and DS (Wii beaten, with 67/100 Jizo statues, DS, can't get past that owl thing)
    • Metroid other M (on the snake things)
    • Metroid Fusion (beaten, not 100% yet)
    • Metroid (about to fight Mother Brain)
    • SSBB (how did I forget this one? I had it since it came out! Anyways I've unlocked Toon Link and Wolf.)
  • And games that I don't own but I have a file on, or traded away
    • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
    • Naruto:Ninja Council
  • My zodiac is a Taurus
  • I own a Wii, DS, DS lite, DSi, Xbox, Xbox 360, PSP, GB color, and GBA
  • My favoite color is blue
  • I curse a LOT, especially considering my age. Well, it's mostly in my head, unless I either get very very nervous (like if I don't have my homework) or if I get very very angry (like when someone badmouths zelda, after which I get extremely pissed. And trust me, you do not wanna see me angry. I may cause...bodily harm to you).
  • I suck at computers. Why, then, did I get account here where I can barely do anything? My brother asked the same question and I still don't know the answer. Well maybe if I stay here long enough I can raise my Tech Lit grade...

My word bubble

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The Ones I Believe

The Forbidden Woods is Kokiri Forest. We all saw the stumps that looked like the Kokiris' houses inside the Forbidden Forest. Koroks also used to be Kokiri, and one of them mentions that's where they used to live.

Windfall is Karkiriko Village, Dragon Roost Island is Death Mountain and Forest Haven is the Lost woods. The location on the Ocarina of Time map is pretty close to the location of the Great Sea map, the music is similar, and they both have the windmill. Dragon roost in Dragon Roost Cavern there were those goron statue things and a volcano, and forest haven if Forbidden woods is Kokiri forest then Forest Haven has to be the Lost woods.

The Twili created Majora's Mask I actually don't even think this is a theory, because Nintendo intentionally put the eye that was on Majora's Mask onto the Fused Shadow. If they didn't want us to believe this, then they could have put another eye design onto the Fused Shadow, or not have put an eye there in the first place.

The split timeline Eiji Aonuma actually said this during the interview, and as he is the series' director, I think we can safely say that this theory is true.

The Rito evolved from the Zora No, I don't see how a fish becomes a bird either, but we all saw the Zora symbol on Medli's apron. And don't forget, Wind Waker was set hundreds of years after Ocarina of Time, so it COULD happen.

The ones I don't believe

Multiple Ganon Theory I admit that I haven't played most of the Zelda games, but in Wind Waker Ganondorf actually says that he was the same Ganon from OoT (well not directly, but he DID talk about Gerudo Desert before the final battle) and in Twilight Princess he talks about the sages trying to murder him. (either him or the sages) In Twilight Princess there were 7 sages, one of them being sage of Water, and in OoT there were also 7 sages, one of them being Sage of Water. See the pattern? So the sages could be the same ones. I do feel slightly sorry for Princess Ruto, creepy as she was...

Anjean is Tetra 1) How does a Hylian girl become a Lokomo

2) Princess Zelda says that her grandmother (who must be Tetra) gave her the spirit flute, and Anjean gave the flute to Zelda's Grandmother, who again must have been Tetra. ARE YOU TRYING TO TELL ME THAT ANJEAN GAVE THE SPIRIT FLUTE TO HERSELF?!? HOW THE **** ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO GIVE SOMETHING TO YOURSELF?!?

Zant is an Oocca Who was the idiot who came up with this, I'd like to know. They deserve to be throttled to death.

Kafei is Link's Terminan Counterpart okay so I was just on Fierce Deku's page, and then I saw this. It just doesn't make sense...

Update when I hear more theories.

Zelda-related things I don't get

coming soon!!!

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things that make me crack up

I wish this was real. I would so buy Left 4 Dad. It isn't particularly funny but I still crack up every time I see the picture.

Halo Beach sounds pretty good to me too. i <3 this pic So true for me cuz I have to break every pot I see and cut all the grass (which made me fail that one room in the Temple of time{TP} where you had to put the pots on the switch, but since I broke them, I was yelling, "WHERE THE **** ARE YOU STUPID STATUETTES" until I went out and came back in, at which point my brother came, showed me how to do it, and laughed at me afterwards.)

You know you've played too much Zelda when...

  • 1.You jump into the water wearing blue and expect yourself to be able to breathe
  • 2.You jump into a volcano wearing red and expect yourself to live
  • 3.At twilight, you draw a Triforce on your hand and wonder why you haven't turned into a wolf yet
  • 4.You carve a face into one of the giant sequoias at the park and say, "NO! DON'T DIE, GREAT DEKU TREE!!"
  • 5.You shun that red-haired boy and sometimes yell, "I WILL NEVER LET YOU TOUCH THE TRIFORCE, GANONDORF!" in science, which gets you sent to the Principal's office
  • 6.when the said red-haired boy moves next door, you hide all your emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and ocarinas from him so that he can never enter the Sacred Realm
  • 7.At work, you just got fired because you refuse to follow the dress code by either dressing like Link or Princess Zelda
  • 8.If anyone plays a zelda tune wrong by making one note just a teensy bit too sharp or a teensy bit too flat, you whip him/her mercilessly
  • 9.When someone tells you, "you're so heartless, how could you be so mean to me?" you think the best way to reply is, "OH YEAH? WELL, I HAVE ALL 20 HEARTS IN OCARINA OF TIME!"
  • 10.when someone asks you what kind of superpower you would like, while everyone else says,"flying", "flexibility", "invisibility", or "telekinesis", you say, "you guys are so boring, how about warping stuff through Twilit Portals, huh?"
  • 11. the couch, which was new when you bought it, has been reduced to a thin layer of fabric and a single iron spring after you finally get up

If anyone has any suggestions, tell me and I may add it to my list.


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