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Ando1400 is inactive.
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Hey there, folks. 'Tis I, Ando. I'm one of your friendly neighborhood sysops, ready to help you out whenever you need it - just ask!

Beyond that lame, boring introduction, I really don't know what to say without merely re-stating what's showing in my userboxes. Except maybe that I'm extremely pedantic when it comes to grammar, spelling, information, and will not hesitate to point out that the game is called "THE Wind Waker", not "Wind Waker" whenever the need arises.

Me + Zelda Wiki

We're like brothers.
No, seriously, though... I love this place. Any place where I can pour out my and read others' Zelda knowledge is awesome. So I joined in January of 2008, editing the Link's Crossbow Training article quite a lot, eventually bringing it up to featured article status. In April of the same year I was voted by the staff to join their ranks, so I'm now a sysop. Crazy stuff.

Beyond patrolling edits, though, I edit articles myself quite a bit. I either add new content or just spruce up other articles for helping to standardize the look of the Wiki. It's never dull, though; always a new page that you look at and think, "Hey, I can make this page AWESOME." Fun times!

The Bestest Ones

Bestest Zelda Game: Majora's Mask
I kid you not. I love this game so much I could play it all the time. In fact, I think I'll play it right after I'm done with this edit. :O

Bestest Zelda Quote: "You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?" — Happy Mask Salesman (Majora's Mask)
I get chills every time I read those words. Especially if you let the three days end... ohh man.

Bestest Zelda Item: Double Clawshots

Contact Info

If you want to contact me just to chat, here's how:

  • Skype: andoonzw (Super-reliable and quick assuming that my status is "Available"!)
  • Email: kaoskastle[at]gmail[dotto]com (Reliable but slow-ish way!)
  • AIM: NekoAndoryuu (Not very reliable at all because I never get on!)

Game Completion Status

Guess I'll add this back in, in case anyone cares. :O

Game Times Beaten Current Progress Greatest Completion
LoZ 0 Working through the Snake Labyrinth
AoL 0 Have to start up a new file
ALttP 1 Haven't started the game back up ~98% completion
LA 0 In the Second Dungeon
OoT 1 At the Forest Temple 15 hearts, all upgrades
MQ 0 Stuck in the Shadow Temple
MM 3 Heading to Snowhead 100%
OoA 0 Heading to sixth dungeon
OoS 0 (will play after OoA)
TWW 3 Second Quest: Item collecting before the final battle 17(?) hearts, Nintendo Gallery roughly 70% complete, most Treasure Charts
FSA 1 Starting second level Game Beaten
TMC 1 Going to Lake Hylia 15 hearts, about 60% figurines
TP Wii 1 Working on Snowpeak Ruins Everything but around 13 Poes
TP GCN 0 Recovering the Tears of Light in Ordona Province
PH 1 Just restarted Everything but 4 Courage Gems