Okay, heres some random questions. You can answer them if you want...

1. What is the Square root of pi?

2. Who founded Zeldapedia?

3. Who teaches the Hurricane spin?

4. Who is the best Zelda character?

5. What is my favorite..

a. number

b. letter

c. zelda character

d. zelda enemy

e. tv show

f. movie

g. color

6. Do I have a phone?

7. How old am I (on Zeldapedia)?

8. Who am I?

9. Did you sign my page?

10. And finaly who are you?

Your Answers

  1. No idea.
  2. Champion Kai.
  3. Orca.
  4. I like Makar.
  5. a) 42
    b) D
    c) Makar.
    d) Pols Voice
    e) Glee
    f) Back to the Future
    g) yellow
  6.  ???
  7. 15 days old, but you're editing as good as the rest of us :-D
  8. Al (Bob) Blillingsly
  9. Dunno, gotta check Signed!
  10. Dawn Of A New Day (is cool) Deku Flight

Dawn of a New Day, you got 5 correct. Yes, 5. --AmazingLink (talk) 20:14, June 28, 2010 (UTC)AmazingLink

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