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Hi, and welcome to my userpage. I'm Adam; sorry I don't have some cool Zelda-themed username, I'm not imaginitive like that ;)

In a nutshell, I joined the wiki in February '07, edited (a lot!) and got pretty attached to the place. So now I'm a sysop here which, for the avoidance of doubt, in no way makes me the boss! Think of me as a diligent caretaker; I try to keep things in order as best I can.

Not much to say really, since I'm too lazy to write reams of self-indulgent prose. See the smattering of userboxes to your right for more info. One assumption is safe; I like Zelda games :)


Timelines are great. They give fans a creative outlet by trying to achieve the impossible challenge of uniting every Zelda game in a chronological order. These timeline theories both fascinate and confuse the hell out of me. Long story short; clearly Nintendo has no clue, and probably will never give a definitive answer on the subject (which would, in any case, be a retcon rather than any "revelation of a hidden truth").

Perhaps there is no timeline? Maybe the only connection between games are the explicit pre-established mini-story arcs (e.g OoT -> MM, OoA<->OoS etc.) Just maybe, the Legend of Zelda is just that; a re-telling or re-living of a single heroic epic throughout generations and different lands. For me, it's this mystery that makes the series so appealing; that notion of thematic continuity and shared elements between the many tales, something just on the edge of perception which hints at a higher truth which can never quite be reached...

Okay, now I'm just talking crap, but you know what I mean ;)

Some words and numbers in a box

Since these thingamajiggers seem to be all the rage, thought I'd partake (And yes, this was taken from Matt's userpage, who took it from Seablue's userpage, who took it from Douken's userpage, who took it from Ando's userpage, who maybe saw it here... whatever.)

As you'll be able to tell, I'm the kind of person who rarely finishes anything ;P Adam [ talk ]

Game Times Beaten Times Started Greatest Completion
LoZ 0 1 Manji Labyrinth (damn Darknuts!)
AoL 0 1 Gave up at Parapa Palace
ALttP 0 2 (I've seen this one played like a hundred times!)
LA 0 1 Woo! I suck at 2-D games ;)
OoT 2 6 Completed
OoT:MQ 0 2 Water Temple
MM 1 2 Completed
OoA 0 0 (Not owned)
OoS 0 0 (Not owned)
FS 0 0 (Not owned)
TWW 4 9 Completed
FSA 2 5 Completed
TMC 0 2 Completed
TP 3 7 Completed
PH 1 2 Completed
ST 0 1 Gave up after getting into the Dark Realm
SS 1 2 Completed


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