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Ursore is the sixth boss in Zelda's Adventure.[name reference needed] He is the Shrine Keeper of the Shrine of Strength.[1]

Ursore is a bear who values strength above all else and values himself as a strong warrior.[2] His servants are the Shrine's three Knights, and he becomes angry when Zelda manages to overcome them in battle.[3][4]


Ursore's only means of attack is to move around the room and pounce at his enemy, which will inflict two full Hearts-worth of damage. Unlike previous bosses, he is significantly slower and it is easier to dodge his attacks.


  • Ursore is the only Shrine Keeper who is not fought again at the Vision Henge when Ganon summons the Shrine Keepers to fight Zelda.
  • Sir Basil claims that the Broadsword works well against Ursore.[5] In reality, it is rather ineffective.


Ursore is a portmanteau of Ursa, Latin for bear, and sore.


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