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Urbosa, the Gerudo Chief
HWAoC Urbosa, the Gerudo Chief.png
Game Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity
Stage Gerudo Town
Playable Character(s) Link
Mini-boss(es) 2 Gerudo Captains
3 Yiga Blademasters
Boss Master Kohga
Molduga (optional)
Completion Reward(s) Urbosa
Victory Conditions
Defeat the Master Kohga[verification needed]
Defeat Conditions
Link, Zelda or Impa flees

Urbosa, the Gerudo Chief is a Scenario in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.[1]


Zelda and Link are going to the Gerudo Town of the Gerudo to ask Urbosa to pilot Divine Beast Vah Naboris. Zelda believes that Urbosa will accept, as they are friends. However, for some reason the Gerudo start attacking.

Once Link defeats the Gerudo Captains, and opens the gate, Zelda will ask Urbosa why she is doing this. Then, the real Urbosa appears, and electrocutes the Urbosa commanding the Gerudo soldiers. The fake Urbosa then reveals himself to be Master Kohga. Mad at Urbosa, Master Kohga summons his Yiga Footsoldiers and Yiga Blademasters to fight, while he runs away.

However, Urbosa says that there are too many Yiga people, so she tells them to summon the Molduga by defeating the Yiga with loud attacks.

Once the Molduga appears, the Yiga, frightened, quickly vanish. From here, Link can decide to fight the Molduga if he wants, however, the game will tell you to avoid fighting the Molduga.

Link will then be sent to fight Master Kohga, the final boss.

Once he is defeated, there will be a cutscene where he is being cornered by them. Then, Sooga appears, and with his two swords, blocks Link's attacks. He then takes Master Kohga and disappears.


There are 9 Korok Seeds to be found throughout "Urbosa, the Gerudo Chief".

There are 10 Treasure Chests to be found throughout "Urbosa, the Gerudo Chief".

Battlefield-Specific Materials

The Materials that may appear throughout "Urbosa, the Gerudo Chief" are Voltfruit, Zapshroom, Electric Safflina, Sunshroom, and Summerwing Butterfly.


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