Upper Zora's River is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. As its title implies, it is at the head of Zora's River, and where it splits into different branches. A rather quiet section of Hyrule, the Upper Zora's River is home to the Fishing Hole and the Boat Rental Cabin, both run by the Lanayru Tourist Association.


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Link first visits the Upper Zora's River during his quest to lift the Twilight covering the Lanayru Province. After riding the Shadow Kargaroc from Lake Hylia, he is dropped off here.

When Link returns after the Twilight has been lifted, he is ambushed by Shadow Beasts, but because Iza is outside watching him, he must defeat them in human form. After Link defeats them all, she approaches him and explains how she had watched him battle the monsters. She tells him that she is impressed with his skills, and that she has been looking for a real man to help her out; her boat rental business has been closed due to boulders disturbing the flow of Zora's River. Link is then asked to remove the boulders in exchange for a Bomb Bag, and he obliges.

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Points of interest

Boat Rental Cabin

Main article: Boat Rental Cabin

After Link helps Iza by clearing the boulders in Zora's River, the Boat Rental Cabin re-opens for business. Here, Link can rent boats from Iza and participate in Iza's Rapid Ride. He paddles down the river, following Iza's Assistant who is a Zora, attempting to shoot ceramic pots with Bomb Arrows. If he can score 25 points he is awarded with a Giant Bomb Bag.

Fishing Hole

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Run by Iza's younger sister, Hena, the Fishing Hole is a great location for fishing. Here Link can rent a boat and fish in the pond. Fish are not the only things Link can catch, however; valuable items such as a Piece of Heart and a bottle can be found here.

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