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"It is not quite like a hot spring, but I like it. It... it is a COLD spring!"
— Underwater Goron

The Underwater Goron is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. He is a Goron that becomes encased in the lava of Death Mountain. The chunk of lava he is stuck in is fired from Death Mountain's crater and lands on the mountain slope. Later on, Link and Midna warp the chunk to Zora's Domain and use its heat to melt the frozen water.

The chunk sinks to the bottom of Zora's Throne Room. While in the water, Link can see eyes in the lava chunk if he views it at the right angle. Link can use a Water Bomb to destroy the chunk of lava, freeing the Goron. He thanks Link for saving him and gives him a Bomb Bag. He stays at the bottom of the pool of water for the rest of the game, enjoying the cool water.


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The Underwater Goron is the first Goron known to be able to breathe underwater; this may in fact be an ability of the Goron race, as a Goron child found in a Hot Spring on Death Mountain is attempting to hold his breath underwater, but finds that he can breathe perfectly fine. Interestingly, in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, Link's Goron form drowns when he comes in contact with deep water, possibly indicating that the Gorons' ability to breathe underwater in Twilight Princess may be a result of evolution. Another possible explanation may be that Link, being used to breathing as a Hylian, cannot use the Goron's breathing abilities to their fullest.

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