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This page is about the final boss. For the character, see Uncle Rupee.

Uncle Rupee is the final boss of Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland. After Tingle collects the Master Rupee from the Rupee Shrine in Auros Ruins, he throws it into the spring in Hometown Prairie. When he does this, the Tower extends to the clouds, and Tingle can enter it.

Tingle confronts Uncle Rupee, and the antagonist demands Tingle hand over his Rupees. If Tingle does so, he receives a game over. If he denies Uncle Rupee his wish, the battle begins.

If Tingle collected all the Rupee Goods and freed Pinkle from her prison, the Grand Fairy aids Tingle during the final battle by giving him a stronger, pink suit to wear.


Uncle Rupee starts off by floating around. Tingle must shoot Rupees at him, while avoiding projectiles and Uncle Rupee's bodyguards. As the battle progresses, Uncle Rupee utilizes new moves, and Tingle must adapt to defeat him. Finally, when Uncle Rupee is dealt enough damage, he morphs into his final form.

In his final form, Uncle Rupee's head swells up and floats around the arena. Uncle Rupee deals massive damage in this form, and Tingle must dodge the boss's attacks while shooting Rupees at him to win. Once Tingle deals enough damage, Uncle Rupee perishes and the game comes to a close.

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