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Uma is a character in Breath of the Wild.[2] She is an elderly woman residing in Hateno Village.


Uma spends her time during the day sitting on a stool by a large tree outside the local inn. She kindly greets Link and asks if he happens to be a traveler.[3] If Link admits that he is indeed traveling, Uma will be surprised.[4] She states that the village has become lively thanks to the peaceful state of the region.[5] Link can ask her to explain and she will tell him that in earlier years, Hateno was no place for farming.[6] She sadly recounts the devastation of Central Hyrule in the wake of Calamity Ganon.[7]

Speaking to her again allows Link to ask her about a number of topics, which she does not mind answering.[1] Asking about the Calamity pushes Uma to reveal that she was not alive for the event, but was born in an age called the Age of Burning Fields.[8] She explains that in time, the people and plants of Hateno recovered, but that Central Hyrule is still caught in the grips of the Calamity Ganon.[9] She believes that older people may be able to tell Link more.[10]

Bringing up Hyrule Castle allows Uma to tell Link of what the Castle used to be like and how courageous villagers would seek out glory there.[11] Its current state depresses the old woman.[12]

Uma will relate how Castle Town used to be a bustling wealth of diversity should Link ask about it, which also reminds her to tell the hero how he can find the fallen city on his map.[13] It makes her wonder at the scale of the Calamity's devastation.[14] Whenever she is finished answering a question, Uma will ask if Link would like help with anything else.[15] She will bid him farewell when he decides to leave.[16]


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United KingdomEnglishBRUma
JapanJapaneseウメ (Ume)
Latin AmericaSpanishLACirel
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