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Ultra Ball Haul is a Mini-Game in Tears of the Kingdom.

Location and Rules[]

Ultra Ball Haul is located in Tanagar Canyon, below the Tabantha Great Bridge. A Goron named Modar hosts the game. It costs 20 Rupees to play.

Before the game begins, Link has unlimited time to prepare, primarily to build a vehicle using nearby construction parts and/or Zonai Devices to transport the ball. During the setup phase, Link is not allowed to move the ball several meters away from its original position.[1][2] He is allowed to use the ball as part of constructing a vehicle as long it remains within the starting area. Once Link is ready to begin the game, he will need to talk to Modar to start the game.[3]

The objective of the game is to carry the target ball as far away from its original position within the allotted time. Link is allowed to whatever means to carry ball away. If the ball is somehow lost or destroyed, the game ends in a failure.

The rewards for completing the game are Rupee payouts. The farther the ball is carried away, the higher the reward.[4][5][6]


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