"This old man is a walking encyclopedia of Koholint Island. He knows everything about the island! However, he is not very talkative and it can be difficult to get information out of him."
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening manual

Ulrira (うるりらじいさん Ururira Jīsan?, Hylian UHylian LHylian RHylian IHylian RHylian A) , also known as Grandpa Ulrira and Old Man Ulrira, is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. He is the oldest and wisest resident of Mabe Village, the central settlement of Koholint Island. He aids Link throughout his quest to wake the Wind Fish by providing him with information about a given situation if Link calls him from one of the Phone Booths on Koholint Island.

Ulrira is often considered to be Koholint Island's equivalent of the Old Men from earlier games in the series, as he gives hints to Link and helps him along on his quest. Also, his big, white beard is a physical attribute commonly connected with the Old Men, and on the in-game map, his house is referred to as "Old Man Ulrira's House".


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The Travels of Link 6

The photograph of Ulrira

Ulrira lives with his wife in the southwestern section of Mabe Village. He is shy by nature, and can only be contacted from one of the Phone Booths found around the island; if Link seeks him out in his home, he shyly but politely asks Link to go outside and call instead. Ulrira is quite knowledgeable about a lot of things, and almost always has a helpful hint if Link gives him a call. If Link attempts to call from the telephone located inside his house, however; a character calling itself the Bucket Mouse answers.

During the Photo Album sidequest, the Photographer snaps a photo of Ulrira if Link approaches one of the windows outside his house.

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Other appearances

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Hyrule Warriors Legends

"Use this on a Phone Booth to uncover hidden treasures."
Grandpa Ulrira Item Card description
Hyrule Warriors Legends Item Cards Grandpa Ulrira (Koholint Island Map)

On the Koholint Island DLC Adventure Mode map, Ulrira appears as an Item Card called Grandpa Ulrira. The Ulrira Item Card can be used on Phone Booths to uncover hidden treasures on a square. When it is used on a phone booth, the player will receive the message "It's Grandpa Ulrira! You unlocked a victory reward!".

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