"Good evening, Link. This is a lovely sunset, is it not? It is kind of you to spend time with my husband, you know... It gives me time for myself!"
— Uli

Uli is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. She is a woman living in Ordon Village with her family. Wife to Rusl and mother to Colin, she is pregnant with a baby girl for a majority of the game.


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At the beginning of the game, Uli can be found on the banks of the creek running through Ordon Village, looking for a cradle that has been stolen by the Female Monkey causing havoc around the village. Link finds the monkey, and uses some Hawk Grass to summon a hawk. The hawk knocks the cradle out of the hands of the monkey, and returns it to Link who can in turn return it to Uli. Uli once used that cradle to raise Colin and uses raise the young infant daughter during the game.

After Rusl attempts to prevent the kidnapping of the children, but is defeated by King Bulblin and his followers, Uli tends to his wounds, awaiting the return of the children.

During the end credits, Uli is shown to have given birth to a baby girl, who is resting in the cradle that Link recovered earlier in the game.

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