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Ubato Hills
The henge and the Shrine of Destiny entrance
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Ubato Hills is a location in Zelda's Adventure. It is a barren, mountainous plain to the northeast of Tolemac.

Features and Overview

Ubato Hills is a region located to the northeast of Tolemac, east of the Forest of Torian outskirts and northern river. It is a desolate plain in the mountains and is home to a small village. The village's residents all live in stone huts, and welcome Zelda with encouragement and song. A pair of Bards can be found, and will sing Zelda songs about her quest. A woman can also be found in the village, who takes notice that Zelda seems tired and gives her the Noise Spell. She later disappears and a farmer named Lonlyn appears in her place. He says that although he is a man of little wealth, he will gift Zelda 25 Rupees to aid her on her quest.

North of the eastern village is a henge of white stone columns, where the entrance to the Shrine of Destiny is located. However, its entrance is blocked until Zelda clears the Shrine of Air. En-route to the henge, a ghostly woman can be encountered with a phantom dog. She calls Zelda foolish for coming this way, and claims that any who tarries in Ubato never leaves.[1] A cave entrance to the east of the henge leads to North Gubasha Desert.




  1. "What foolish human comes this way? She who tarries here never leaves." — Ghost Woman (Zelda's Adventure)