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Tykogi Tower (pronounced /taɪˈkoʊɡi/ ty-KOH-gee)[1] is a location in The Wand of Gamelon.[2] It is unlocked after Aru Ainu is completed.

Features and Overview

Tykogi Tower is a large stone tower built on a rocky island in the lagoon of Gamelon, connected to the island by coastal stretch. It is a prison complex, equipped with several restraint devices and cells within. When Zelda first arrives to Gamelon, nearly all of the residents of Sakado were captured and imprisoned at this Tower by the Iron Knuckle, who now controls the Tower.[1][3] Zelda is informed of this by Impa at the shore, as revealed through the Triforce of Wisdom. The Triforce shows Mayor Cravendish and Harbanno the baker being captured.

The area begins from the island's rugged coast. The Tower lies at the end of the stretch. The Tower's iron gate is blocked by a large boulder, and requires either 10 Bombs or the Power Glove to remove. The inside of the structure is kept pitch dark, requiring the Lantern. At the entrance, Zelda meets Harbanno, who tells her that Mayor Cravendish was imprisoned and urges her that she save him. Harbanno then makes his escape and says to visit him in Sakado, leaving behind a Key that opens the door above.

The rest of the Tower is a long climb, made possible by stone steps and ladders. Patrolling along the way are Armos and Wallmasters. At the top of the Tower is a door that leads outside to the lookout post, where Zelda faces and confronts Iron Knuckle. Upon his defeat, Zelda earns a Life Heart and the Key to Mayor Cravendish's cell. After he is freed from his chains, he gives Zelda the Magic Lantern in gratitude. A Triforce Map inside the cell takes Zelda back to the map screen, and upon completion, Dordung Cave is unlocked.

Enemies and Traps


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland EnglishUK Tykogi Tower
Netherlands Dutch Tykogi-toren
French-speaking countries French Tour Tykogi
Federal Republic of Germany German Tykogi-Turm


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