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The Twilit Carrier Kargarok is a mini-boss in Twilight Princess.[1] It is a gigantic Shadow Kargarok ridden by a Twilit Bulblin Archer.


Midna's Comment:
TPHD Midna Artwork.png
Twilit Carrier Kargarok
"Ugh! Another pest! I guess he felt like he needed to call a friend! When it comes close to earth, jump on it and try to pull it down!"

When Wolf Link and Midna first arrive in the nearly empty Lake Hylia covered in Twilight, they find a Twilit Bulblin Archer. When Wolf Link attempts to confront the Bulblin, it uses patch of Hawk Grass to summon and mount the Twilit Carrier Kargarok.[2]

The Bulbling attacks with fiery arrows while riding the Kargarok.[3] To attack it, Wolf Link must wait until the bird gets close to the ground and then jump on it. After doing so, he can then proceed to rapidly bite the bird. If Wolf Link does not avoid or attack the Shadow Kargarok when it comes down, it will grab him with its talons and throw him down, causing one full Heart of damage. After the Bulbin falls to the ground, Link must battle it with physical attacks. If he does not defeat it fast enough, the Bulblin will return to its mount. Once the rider is defeated, Midna will take control of the bird so that she and Wolf Link can fly to Zora's Domain.

Link can use the Twilit Carrier Kargarok at any time to travel upriver by using the Hawk Grass while in wolf form. It can also be used to travel downstream by summoning it from the reeds near the Zora's Domain Howling Stone. Once the Twilight is removed from the area, a giant Kargarok appears in its place. It only travels upstream, however.



  1. "The Twilit Carrier Kargarok is a strange, giant, mutant version of the Kargaroks you’ve encountered before, but is covered in Twilit skin."  (The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Official Guide (Prima Guides) pg. 170)
  2. "After playing an unspeakable tune, a giant Twilit Carrier Kargarok swoops down from the heavens and the archer mounts it!"  (The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Official Guide (Prima Guides) pg. 170)
  3. "The beast and rider begin with some annoying arrow-firing; you can’t reach them, so run away from the arrows."  (The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Official Guide (Prima Guides) pg. 170)
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