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Twilight Wolfos are a race of wolf-like Shadow Beasts that serve the Twilight Princess, Midna in Hyrule Warriors & Hyrule Warriors Legends. They resemble a cross between a Wolfos, Wolf Link, and a Shadow Beast and apparently originate from the Twilight Realm. They are used by Midna as part of her default Shackle moveset as both a riding mount and summons during certain combos. They can enter and exist the battlefield through Twilight Portals Midna creates. They also appear during one of Twili Midna's combo attacks as part of her Mirror moveset though they are much larger. A single Twilight Wolfos appears in Midna's battle intro and victory cutscenes as well as Twili Midna's victory cutscene.

Dark Midna has her own Dark shadowy variant. In Hyrule Warriors Legends, these Dark Twilight Wolfos are manifestations of out of control Dark Twilight magic like Dark Twili Midna and Dark Zant.


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