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The Twilight Realm is a parallel dimension to the realm of Hyrule.[1] It is a world of shadows and perpetual twilight whose only source of light comes from the two sacred orbs known as the Sols[2] that are kept in a shrine near the plaza of the Palace of Twilight. The Twilight Realm is the homeworld of the Twili, a race of shadow-beings descended from the Dark Interlopers that were banished from Hyrule and sent to the Twilight Realm as punishment for their attempted conquest of the Sacred Realm. The only link between the Twilight Realm and Hyrule is a relic known as the Mirror of Twilight, which acts as the one gateway between the two worlds.

Features and Overview

Twilight Princess


The Twilight Realm's full history is incomplete. All that is known of the Twilight Realm's history are brief hints of its origins, and what recent political history Midna chooses to divulge. For much of its early history, the Twilight Realm was a peaceful place, until the King of Evil known as Ganondorf was banished to the realm by the Ancient Sages, where his evil influence would cause a coup of the government and cast the realm into darkness by overthrowing the true Twilight Princess and installing a puppet ruler named Zant into the position of ruler of the Twilight Realm. Zant would go on to seal away the Sols, leaving the Twilight Realm in darkness, and invade the land of Hyrule on Ganondorf's orders in order to merge the two worlds together into a single empire.[3] However, after the Dark Lord's defeat, peace was restored, and the Twilight Realm was free of his grip. This was made possible by the efforts of the hero Link and Hyrule's Princess Zelda, before the Mirror of Twilight was shattered by Princess Midna, the Twilight Realm's rightful ruler that was restored to power. This action severed the only known gateway between the two worlds, destroying the only known means of travel between them to prevent similar events from happening again.

Main article: Interloper War

The Dark Interlopers

At a certain point in the history of the land of Hyrule, a war broke out across the land when a group of shadowy magicians known as the Dark Interlopers learned of the mythical Triforce located within the Sacred Realm and attempted to establish dominion over it to harness the Triforce's power. To this end, the Interlopers used an ultimate weapon, the dark relic known as the Fused Shadow, inside which they had vested a vast amount of their magic.[4]

The Golden Goddesses decided to order the Light Spirits of Hyrule to intervene and seal away the dark magic of the Interlopers to halt the war.[4] The Light Spirits shattered the Fused Shadow into four fragments (hiding three of them across Hyrule and leaving the fourth in the hands of the Interlopers) to prevent its future misuse. The goddesses chased the interlopers across Hyrule and banished them to the Twilight Realm.[5]

In addition, the Twilight Realm's effect of causing those that dwelled within it for an extended period of time to only be able to exist as shadows outside of it took its toll on the Interlopers, dooming them to this fate as well. Over time, the Interlopers would evolve into the Twili.[5] However, the goddesses did not completely sever the Twilight Realm's connection to Hyrule, for they left one link between the two worlds in the hands of the Ancient Sages: the Mirror of Twilight, which could only be shattered by the true ruler of the Twili.[6][7]

The Rise of Zant
Main articles: Failed Execution of Ganondorf and Overthrow of Midna
TP Zant Render.png
Zant, the Usurper King of Twilight

A long time after the banishment of the Interlopers to the Twilight Realm, the King of Evil Ganondorf attempted to launch an invasion of Hyrule, but was thwarted by the Royal Family of Hyrule, who had been forewarned by Link, the Hero of Time. As a result, Ganondorf was arrested and sentenced to execution at the Arbiter's Grounds, the home of the Mirror of Twilight.[8] Ganondorf was kept there for a time until the day his sentence was to be carried out in the Mirror Chamber atop the prison. However, when the Ancient Sages impaled him with the Sword of the Sages, the Triforce of Power suddenly activated within him and prevented his death.[9] With this second wind, the Gerudo leader soon broke free of his chains, obliterating the Sage of Water and turning the blade on its owners. As a last resort, the remaining Sages activated the Mirror of Twilight in order to open the portal to the Twilight Realm and send Ganondorf through it.

Centuries later, the Twilight Realm entered a period of political instability when the throne was suddenly left vacant. One of the hawkish advisers of the Royal Family of the Twilight Realm, Zant stood as a prime candidate to ascend to the throne. However, Midna was selected as the true Twilight Princess, and Zant became enraged that he was not selected instead.[10] He became severely depressed, and in this state was approached by Ganondorf, who masqueraded as a god.[11] Ganondorf offered him the power to take the throne by force in exchange for his freedom from the Twilight Realm. Zant used his newfound magical abilities to curse Midna and usurped the throne of the Twilight Realm, transforming the Twili into Shadow Beasts and sealing away the Sols within the Palace of Twilight, leaving the Twilight Realm in darkness and bringing misery to the Twilit.[12][13][14] Meanwhile, Midna escaped to Hyrule with the lone piece of the Fused Shadow left in the hands of the Twili and decided to seek out the other fragments to use against Zant.

Zant was persuaded to attempt a conquest of Hyrule by Ganondorf, whom he released back into the World of Light in fulfillment of their bargain.

The Invasion of Hyrule
Main article: Shadow Invasion

Zant invades the Throne Room of Hyrule Castle.

Zant then proceeded to launch an invasion of the World of Light itself, intending to conquer both worlds and mix shadow and light together to make pure darkness, as ordered by his "god".[3] His armies spread Twilight all over Hyrule as they conquered each of its provinces. In this Twilight, the people of Hyrule became like spirits, unaware of what had happened to them.[15] Eventually, Zant and his army conquered the stately Hyrule Castle, where he offered Princess Zelda, the country's matriarch and bearer of the Triforce of Wisdom, the chance to either surrender or face the deaths of her people. At this, Zelda surrendered the throne of Hyrule to Zant, and Twilight completely engulfed the country's main regions, leaving only the small annex of Ordona Province free of the grip of the King of Shadows. With this, Zant now had control of Hyrule's government and imprisoned Princess Zelda in one of the castle towers.

Link enters the Twilight-covered Faron Province.

It was Zant's subsequent attack on the last remaining province that drew a new Hero into these events, a young ranch-hand named Link who bore the Triforce of Courage within him. Eventually, Link was captured when he entered the Twilight and was transformed into a divine wolf, dragged to the dungeons of Hyrule Castle by Zant's soldiers. Here, he met Midna in her transformed state and the imprisoned Princess Zelda, who relayed to him the fate that had befallen the kingdom of Hyrule. Link teamed up with Midna to locate the lost fragments of the Fused Shadow to defeat Zant and free Hyrule of his power. After succeeding in reversing the spread of Twilight and finding all of the Fused Shadow fragments, the pair were confronted by Zant himself, who stole the fragments and fatally injured Midna before they could escape. Zelda sacrificed herself to save Midna and instructed the pair to find the Master Sword to combat Zant and save Hyrule before mysteriously vanishing.[16][17]

After finding the sword in the ruins of an ancient temple, the pair journeyed to the Arbiter's Grounds in search of the Mirror of Twilight. There, they discovered a shocking truth: before leaving for the Twilight Realm, Zant broke the Mirror of Twilight into four shards and scattered them over Hyrule to prevent anyone from entering the Twilight Realm.[7] It was here that the Ancient Sages appeared and related the story of Ganondorf's execution to the pair and instructed them to find the three lost fragments of the Mirror of Twilight.[18]

The Assassination of Zant

Zant is assassinated by Midna.

The pair succeeded in finding the three lost fragments and restored the Mirror of Twilight, reopening the gateway between the two worlds. It was here that the Ancient Sages offered their apologies to the Twilight Princess for sending Ganondorf away into her world and causing so much misery for her and her people.[19] With this, Link and Midna used the Mirror of Twilight to journey to the Twilight Realm, where Link succeeded in restoring the Sols to their proper shrine, restoring the normal flow of light in the Twilight Realm and causing the Twili to revert to their true forms. In addition, the power of the Sols transferred into the Master Sword, a sign that the gods of the Twilight Realm were on Link's side as well.[20]

The pair then entered the palace to face Zant himself. It was here that Zant revealed to his unwelcome guests the truth of his relationship with Ganondorf. Link is then forced to battle Zant in several deadly skirmishes for the fate of the Twilight Realm, facing him in arenas that Link had visited throughout his adventure to defeat the King of Shadows. Despite his great magical power bestowed by Ganondorf, Zant fell to the Master Sword's evil-banishing power and lay dying upon the throne as he stated his belief that regardless of what Link and Midna did, he would be resurrected by Ganondorf.[21] After taunting Midna by revealing to her that the curse on her would not lift until Ganondorf was vanquished,[13] Midna used the Fused Shadow to obliterate Zant, causing him to explode in a final scream of anguish. With this, Zant's reign of terror over the Twilight Realm was brought to an end, but Midna was distressed at the raw power that she had exhibited. She was unprepared for the abilities that the Fused Shadow gave her.[22]

The Closing of the Road Between Worlds

Midna destroys the Mirror of Twilight.

After the Twilight Realm was freed of Zant's iron fist, Link and Midna journeyed back to Hyrule and infiltrated the usurped Hyrule Castle to face Ganondorf. At the top of the castle tower, they found the Throne Room being circled by dark, foreboding clouds. Inside, they found Princess Zelda's lifeless body suspended in the central hole of the Triforce statue adorning the chamber and Ganondorf himself sitting on Zelda's throne. After a brief conversation, the pair began a battle against Ganondorf for the fate of Hyrule, battling him in many different ways and forms. After Zelda was restored to her physical being, she and Link were warped away by Midna, who attempted to kill Ganondorf with the Fused Shadow, but ultimately failed. Link and Zelda then engaged Ganondorf in a horseback battle across Hyrule Field and Link engaged him in one final sword duel before impaling him with the Master Sword, killing the Dark Lord and restoring Midna to her true form as the Twilight Princess.

Link and Princess Zelda accompanied Midna back to the Mirror Chamber to bid her farewell as she returned home to resume her place as the ruler of the Twili. Zelda encouraged relations between Hyrule and the Twilight Realm to continue, stating that they are two sides of the same coin, to which the Twilight Princess thanked her for her kind words and true heart. Midna then addressed Link one final time as she shed a single tear and sent it drifting toward the Mirror of Twilight, seeming to wish to confide something very personal to him but losing the nerve at the last moment as the tear collided with the Mirror of Twilight, causing it to begin to crack and fragment. The Twilight Princess locked her gaze with Link's as she vanished through the portal back to the Twilight Realm just before the Mirror of Twilight utterly shattered, sealing off the only known road between the worlds.



Zant, the Usurper King of Twilight.

The Twilight Realm is ruled by a monarchy, the like of which governs its counterpart, the World of Light known as Hyrule. The Royal Family of the Twilight Realm governs the world and all in it from the massive Palace of Twilight, situated at the heart of the Twilight Realm. The monarch is called the "King of Twilight" if he is male or "Twilight Princess" if she is female. It appears that a retiring monarch typically determines the successor, but in the absence of a selection, the people of the Twilight Realm have the power to select their next monarch. This was the case when the sitting monarch made no selection for a successor and set the stage for a succession debacle shortly before the events of Twilight Princess that resulted in Zant's candidacy for the throne and Midna being allowed to take the throne with the support of her people.

A Shadow Beast.

During the short period of his reign, Zant created an army of transformed Twilit, the Shadow Beasts, and used them to launch an invasion of the kingdom of Hyrule. It is not known whether the Twili monarchs possessed an army before Zant usurped the throne.


The Twilight Realm appears to be a polytheistic society, as Midna mentions that the gods of her world were on Link's side, as symbolized by the Sols fusing with the Master Sword. None of their gods are named, and it remains unclear if they pay homage to the Golden Goddesses.[20]


TP Rupee Wallet Render.png

Little is known about the economy of the Twilight Realm or whether much of one exists. However, Link finds Rupees hidden in several places within the Palace of Twilight. This would seem to imply that like Hyrule, the Twilight Realm also has a similar economy that uses Rupees as currency.

Technology in the Twilight Realm

Link stands on a Twilight platform, an example of the advanced technology of the Twilight Realm.

The Twilight Realm is shown to be filled with examples of technology far more advanced than anything found in Hyrule or most other locations depicted in The Legend of Zelda series to date. When Link visits the Twilight Realm, he finds that most buildings are suspended in the never-ending Twilight by unseen forces, implying that the Twili have developed some means of making their structures float in the void of the Twilight Realm. As exemplified within the Palace of Twilight, there are multiple other examples of advanced technology that were made by the residents of the Twilight Realm, such as the Twilight platforms that seem to be made of pure energy, the crystal switches used to activate these platforms, the Sols, the Sol-activated staircases that appear throughout the palace, and many others. Since the Twili's ancestors were noted to be especially gifted with magic, it makes sense that the Twili themselves would continue this tradition and put that talent to use in the creation of technology that surpasses even that seen in Hyrule.


Locations and Landmarks

The Twilight Realm is only seen in brief flashbacks and only visited on one occasion within Twilight Princess, and as such, only part of it is viewed, namely the area around the Palace of Twilight. The Sol Shrine rests in the plaza of the Palace of Twilight, where the source of the Twilight Realm's light originates. When closely inspected, one can see other buildings floating in the distance, implying that the Palace of Twilight and its surroundings are only a part of the Twilight Realm, leaving much of it unexplored as the buildings seem to be suspended in midair, making it impossible to travel from the ground upon which the Palace of Twilight rests to the other structures. However, the Palace of Twilight and the Sol Shrine seem to be the two most important places in the Twilight Realm, and as such, the plaza acts as the place upon which the portal generated by the Mirror of Twilight is located.

Palace of Twilight
Main article: Palace of Twilight

Palace of Twilight

The Palace of Twilight is the seat of the Twilight Realm's government and serves as the eighth dungeon in Twilight Princess. It is the home of the Royal Family of the Twilight Realm and as such is the home of Princess Midna, the rightful ruler of the Twilight Realm. It was here that one of her advisers, Zant, expelled the Twilight Princess upon his coup of the government and usurping of the throne, and he locked away the Sols within the palace walls, depriving the Twilight Realm of its only source of light and leaving the realm in darkness.[12] He used minions such as Zant Masks, Zant's Hands, and Phantom Zant to protect the Sols and prevent Link from restoring them to their rightful place when the young hero restored the Mirror of Twilight and followed the Usurper King of Twilight into the Twilight Realm. Link obtained the Light Sword here, allowing him to cut through the Dark Fog that pervaded the palace.[20] The Throne Room acted as the site of the final confrontation between Zant, Link and Midna. After a lengthy battle, Midna assassinated Zant using the power of the Fused Shadow, dethroning him and restoring peace to the Twilight Realm. It is also presumed that Midna returned to the palace for the remainder of her reign after she returned to the Twilight Realm and shattered the Mirror of Twilight.

Sol Shrine

Sol Shrine

The Sol Shrine is a special shrine located in the plaza of the Palace of Twilight. It is made up of two pedestals and is the rightful resting place of the Sols, located just outside of the walls of the Palace of Twilight.[23] It was here that Link returned each of the Sols once he retrieved them from the western and eastern wings of the Palace of Twilight. Once this was completed, the power of the Sols reverted the Twili to their original forms, restored light to the Twilight Realm, and transferred into the blade of the Master Sword, transforming it into the Light Sword]] and giving it the power to cut through the dark fog that Zant had scattered across the halls of the Palace of Twilight.[20]


Inhabitants of the Twilight Realm

While the only natural inhabitants of the Twilight Realm are the Twili, Zant's interference caused it to become filled with monsters such as Shadow Beasts who were once Twili themselves.[14][24] It is unknown whether there were any natural inhabitants of the Twilight Realm prior to the banishment of the Dark Interlopers, but the Twili are all that appear in Twilight Princess.

Main article: Twili

Midna, the Twilight Princess and an example of a Twili.

The primary residents of the Twilight Realm, the Twili are a race of shadow-beings that are descended from another group of dark magicians known as the Dark Interlopers that once resided in the land of Hyrule in the past. After the Interlopers began to delve into darker magic and developed an awesome weapon in the Fused Shadow, they attempted a conquest of the fabled Sacred Realm in the hope of establishing control over a much greater source of magic, the Triforce. After much bloodshed, the Golden Goddesses chased the Interlopers across Hyrule and banished them to the Twilight Realm, outside of which they could henceforth only exist as shadows. The Interlopers eventually evolved into the Twili race, a more humble and less selfish race than their ancestors.

In their evolved forms, the Twili are shown to be fairly humanoid beings but with some stark differences in regard to Hylians or even their dark ancestors. Their skin varies in shades of white and black, and their eyes glow with a red hue. They can also vary in height, as some are shown to be extremely tall in comparison to Link while others are short and stout, like some of those featured near the Sol Shrine on Link's visit to the Twilight Realm in Twilight Princess. Only two Twili have shown the capacity to speak the normal Hylian dialect, those two being Midna and Zant, while the others seem to communicate through a high-pitched series of moaning sounds that are not able to be understood by Link. Aside from the mindless Shadow Beasts transformed by Zant and used to serve in his army, the general populace of the Twili appear to be very peaceful. Those that Link meets on his incursion into the realm in Twilight Princess show no hostility toward him, rather they attempt to communicate with him and do not appear violent as those that served in Zant's army.

Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors

Twilight Princess (Himekawa)


  • According to the original Japanese text, Midna mentions that the Hyruleans mistakenly believe the Twilight Realm to be an afterlife realm.[25][26] In addition, the Japanese expression "守護神" that is used for the "guardian deities" of the Twilight Realm, can be used to refer not only to animate but inanimate entities as well.[20][27] It is possible that Midna is referring to the Sols which appear to be inanimate.


The Twilight Realm's name refers to it being a gloomy, hazy, yet very serene world. It is often seen as a world of shadows and evil, however there is a serene beauty to the Twilight Realm, a beauty which is said the Hylians see every time the Sun sets.[28][29]

TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 影の世界 (Kage no Sekai) Shadow World
Federal Republic of Germany German Schattenreich Shadow Realm
Italian Republic Italian Mondo dell'ombra
Mondo del crepuscolo
Mondo delle ombre
Regno delle tenebre
Shadow world
Twilight world
World of the shadows
World of darkness
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Crepúsculo Twilight


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